We Spent £100,000 On MrBeast’s Credit Card Ft Speed

We Spent £100,000 On MrBeast’s Credit Card Ft Speed

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38 Responses

  1. DragonG says:

    Seeing Chunkz and Speed together is absolutely crazy. Seeing Speed act normal is crazy aswell.

  2. CrocosGaming says:

    Funny thing is, Mr.Beast told him to spend 10,000 only during the 2.5 million holding jet video on Mr.Beast’s channel, but behind the scenes, he told them to spend as much as they wanted.

    Really shows how much heart Jimmy has, he didn’t want to show everyone that he wanted these guys to spend as much as they wanted, he did it off cam, humble as ever.

  3. Huhhh says:

    Mr. Beast really the definition of ‘If you want to spend without looking at the price tag, you’ve got to work without checking the time’

    • ZHDrums says:

      @Jesse Chartraw you Obviously don’t know the situation behind that thing.
      The chick that works at the store went out and told everyone in the city that Mr beast was gonna come and buy groceries for people. So hundreds of people came in fucking the place up and was unsafe for Mr beast to go there…
      So the bitch that works at the store fucked that Whole thing up and Mr beast ended up looking like the bad guy to people who don’t know the situation

    • Jesse Chartraw says:

      Ya if it helps him maintain clout just helping rich YouTubers when he couldn’t spend less on the people that needed it at Piggly Wiggly

    • Fzech01 says:

      @Joel Abraham nah I saw it in a vid before

    • Joel Abraham says:

      If that came from you then go check if you have some of Socrates blood in you

    • Adil Mohamed says:

      Yo that’s a real fuckin quote who said that that shit that really hit me😭😭

  4. Roblox Roleplays says:

    chunkz is actually a good person, for letting speed come with him

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This is unreal, and the fact you gave back to your fans is amazing

    • TELEGRAM ME @Officialchunkz says:

      Here we go surprising my fans and subscribers❤️.
      Gifting out parkages🎁🎁. Inbox the Telegram above⬆️⬆️ to confirm you have a prize👍…..

  6. Nimra says:

    Chunkz and Speed are the best comedic duo we did not expect 😅😂

  7. Willy B says:

    Jimmy saying “I can take the viral video back” knowing that he in fact is literally handing him a viral video is insane.

  8. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    chunkz i hope you feel better after taking a break of socials u don’t deserve the hate

    • TELEGRAM ME @Officialchunkz says:

      Here we go surprising my fans and subscribers❤️.
      Gifting out parkages🎁🎁. Inbox the Telegram above⬆️⬆️ to confirm you have a prize👍.

  9. Hector Salamanca says:

    Burst out laughing when speed called jimmy a dumbass 😂 the chemistry between these two is crazy, chunkz and speed need to start their own channel

  10. ItzSkeeler says:

    It was so wholesome that Speed and Chunkz couldn’t even spend all the money in respect to Mr. Beast

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