WE STAYED AT A 1 STAR HOTEL FOR 24 HOURS | cockroach scare

WE STAYED AT A 1 STAR HOTEL FOR 24 HOURS | cockroach scare

never again ahaha….

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29 Responses

  1. hemu says:

    Sibling content is the best let’s all agree.

  2. Juliana says:

    I like how Erica asked “who is this for?” Instead of “is this the Uber” I love how she’s so educated and even bringing pepper spray

  3. In My Dream Wonderland says:

    yEshhh we love more challenge videos!! they’re so funny😂💗💗

    6:01 “If we have to run, I’m leaving you” 😳poor emily😭😆

  4. Its Starlight plays YT says:

    I think the korean drama evelyn mentioned might be stranger from hell😭

  5. Andrew says:

    Ever since I discovered your YouTube channel , I haven’t stopped watching since. I watched all your videos and whenever you post it’s like the best day. Thank you seriously for all you do! Keep doing what your doing. God bless ❤️

  6. 🛹Angelina🛹 says:

    omg i love how erica is safe and asks the driver who it’s for instead of just getting in!🦋

  7. KITTY-KAI-KUN says:

    evelyn: “ah-slu-m rooms”
    erica: **laughs at evelyn**
    also erica: “uh-say-lee-um rooms”
    (1:16 LOL)

  8. Anastasia <3 says:

    Erica carrying her pepperspray every single time is iconic😭

  9. BL1SS says:

    i love how their relationship with each other is so relatable to other people with siblings 😭

  10. Jungwon says:

    I just love how Erica and Evelyn are panicking in the beginning and dreading going and thinking of what would happen if they got jumped and Emily is just like “can we hurry up and go” BAHAHAHA I love them all sm

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