We Style Each Other For Under $50 • Ladylike

We Style Each Other For Under $50 • Ladylike

“Wow, failures! Takes one to know one!”

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68 Responses

  1. Alistair Wilstrup says:

    Kristin and Jen are the ultimate duo honestly. Love these ladies <3

  2. Christina Brown says:

    ?? I love this idea. Freddie and Jazzmyne should style each other next. Then Chantel and Devin. I love you guys ?❤️❤️

  3. Chelsea Potato says:

    Kristen: wow, you are really just checking yourself out in the mirror right now.
    Me: *laughing as hard as possible*

  4. Sheen Senpai says:

    that cute wink .

    oof i can’t .

  5. Claire Merle says:

    honestly they should just take some spoons and glue them together for a fancy skirt


  6. Claire Merle says:

    okay i know i just commented but y’all should follow a beauty guru’s makeup tutorial in under 10 bucks
    also i would pay to be in a flash mob choreographed by Jen

  7. UnKnOwN 852 says:

    “Kristin and Jen made a new show?”

    “Yes it’s called Bargain Hunters”

  8. corey mathews says:

    Kitchen and Jorn, the dynamic duo.

  9. Ava Bamboo says:

    i like the way kristin thinks: shorts are half pants = cheaper!!! honestly shouldn’t that be true?!?!

  10. Cookie Almeida says:

    Why don’t they just go to Ross, Marshall’s or Gabe’s those have brand name for cheap prices

  11. Lisa says:

    Why not go to a somewhere like Goodwill or other used place They usually even have new items there now!

    • Dragonfireboy says:

      Thrift stores like Goodwill are notorious for not having a large size range. There’s like no plus size clothing options that are even remotely stylish. I’ve run into the same problem. Thrifting is frequently just not an option for plus sized fems

    • emi loo says:

      @Dragonfireboy Umm y’all do understand that everything they sell is _donated_ right? ? They can only pull from what they have ?‍♀️

    • Alexis Powelson says:

      Or places like ross and tj maxx ive found things there that has the original price tag on it and I buy it at regular price there for less than half the price

  12. Violet Studios says:

    Jen’s about, child size, so whatever. ROASTED.

    • Hearts Love says:

      Violet Studios not her fault, Molly Burke and Rosanna pansino are both under 5’. That was actually a bit rude, not like she can control her height

    • Dreamsphere Lav says:

      THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING CHILD SIZED. (i *also* shop in the boys section)

  13. Ginger Weatherbee says:

    it worked out well. it sucks though how expensive plus sized clothing is

  14. pinkham4corgis says:

    I would like to challenge ladylike to style items that are not the right size & make it look good.

  15. Cristin Dell says:

    Shopping, especially for larger women’s clothes, is hard.

  16. Kendall Charleswell says:

    The two of them look like a cute married vacationing couple

  17. rayna white says:

    I wish I had 50 dollars for each of my outfits

  18. cocoplumb says:

    I LOVE this dress on Kristin!! Jen has such a good eye for styles that are so different from her own. And I loved how Jen’s little outfit was her typical shape but in a bold Kristin colour.

  19. Olivia A. says:

    “ her outfit was 35 cents over”

    “ you failures”

  20. Sleep Deprived Vibes says:

    I want to see Shane and Ryan style each other, just, could you imagine the chaos

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