We Survived on MREs for a Day

We Survived on MREs for a Day

MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) are self-contained, shelf-stable meals used as the main operational food ration for the U.S. Armed Forces.

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35 Responses

  1. Sam Nemeth-Smyth says:

    You can see the joy in Narrator’s face that he gets to inflict the pain instead of taking it for once 😂

  2. alyssa smith says:

    This feels like the most chaotic camping trip ever
    Narrator is the wholesome dad, Eddie is the weird uncle and you’re not sure if he’s actually killed someone or if he’s joking, and Juicy is the neighbour’s kid

  3. SivGaming says:

    I fucking love how Narrator kept the Chilli Mac MRE to himself

  4. GlitchedShadow says:

    I just love Narrator casually holding push up positions on his knuckles as Eddie and Juicy are struggling on their hands

  5. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    its crazy how narrator, such a sweet and heartwarming person, was in the army, you expect veterans to be serious and mean

  6. BluJay65 says:

    As an Active Duty Marine, this does make me smile seeing you all going through the motions, Eddie and Juicy succeeding makes me proud, Narrator being a DI. Keep up the content Boys!

  7. Anonymous says:

    As a vet , i Bet Narrator wanted a moment to become a Drill sargent

  8. Lemon Lebowski says:

    The closest military experience I’ve had so far is NJROTC in high school, but I’ve seen enough boot camp and military training videos to know what’s up. The minute Narrator said “Why tf are your hands in your pockets” I knew Juicy’s time was up

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I’m only 1 minute in and I’m way too excited for those video. My little goblin brain can’t take it. I wonder if this is how Juicy feels all the time.

  10. Ms. Whiplash says:

    As someone who had to eat MREs regularly as a kid, I take great amusement out of watching people try to figure them out. My dad bought cases of MREs and told us, “There’s your meals”. He showed me once when I was a little girl how to use the heaters, and you had better pay attention when shown once, because you were on your own and unsupervised with them after that. Also, we did duke it out for the Chili Mac.

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