We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

We finally got our own bank accounts so we decided to swap credit cards for the day… here’s what we bought with each others money… lolol

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43 Responses

  1. sings family says:

    Gray: why don’t we caption the video as
    *ethan spent too much money on something dumb*

    Ethan :
    *-ethan spent too muchmoney-*

    Ethan: no way bro

  2. Elizabeth T. says:

    “Oh yeah you’re right I’M the one with the baby blue porsche”

    “oKaY, other than that you’re the irresponsible one”

  3. Eva Carter says:

    I saw the title of this video and instantly thought “but they have the same bank account?.”

    But congrats on finally getting different bank accounts???

  4. Raneem 2005 says:

    *Dolan dictionary *
    *im tired of bitching and complaining*

  5. Rayyan Zeeshan says:

    Ethan: I’m VeRy Responsible
    Also Ethan: let’s buy a lot of tape to make a real big tape ball

  6. vishnu priya says:

    Gray totally spent $1,658.99
    Ethan totally spent $2,929.98
    Nearly ethan spent $1,000 more than gray…?
    Who would do this to your sibling? Me?

  7. Caro Badii says:

    Can we just appreciate how hot grayson looks in this whole video? ??

  8. Ranna _ B says:

    When you realize how poor you are from watching this ???

  9. İpek Atalay says:

    This video called me broke in 37 different languages

  10. gracie says:

    ethan: $875.98 on Roomba’s
    me: *intense anxiety over buying a $15 burrito*

  11. JaeeFye says:

    8:44 Grayson sounding like a dad while grabbing his hair stressfully fussing at Ethan? and 22::10 papa Grayson

  12. Saratalksbeauty says:

    Gray spent a total of $1660.49 on Ethan’s card
    Ethan spent a total of $2929 on Gray’s card

  13. Ana Correia Aguiar says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single earthling on this planet:
    Grayson: I wAs LoOkInG aT uMbReLlAs

  14. Bella m says:

    7:32 it sounded like Ethan was saying the “bruh” meme ?

  15. Gabijosooo :3 says:

    25:27 Grayson’s laugh is the best lmao???

  16. Zara Evelyn says:

    i’d happily swap credit cards with either of you for the day 🙂

    but you’d be disappointed…

  17. Cyndy May Cry says:

    “Is she taking it down!?” Lol he was literally so upset about it ?

  18. Darcey Topping says:

    Well done, you found my comment out of 12,000 comments…
    You deserve this many cookies ?

  19. panic says:


    not even a soul:

    ethan: i’M dAiRy FrEe

  20. Deepa Xavier says:

    @8:19 gray is adorable, “They battle each other?”. His inner kid just resurfaced? Ethan cool as always!!

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