We Tested The Aaliyah MAC Collection

We Tested The Aaliyah MAC Collection

Am I music video ready?

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MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah Launch Party in Hollywood
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
2000 Teen Choice Awards
Chris Weeks/Getty Images
File photo dated 20 March 2000 shows US recording
Vince Bucci/Getty Images
Aaliyah Remembered on MTV
Scott Gries/Getty Images
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ? Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
MTV Video Music Awards – Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Funeral for Late R&B Singer Aaliyah
George De Sota/Getty Images
Performer Aaliyah is Dies in Plane Crash
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Celebs Attend Premiere of ‘Me, Myself & Irene’
Getty Images/Getty Images
Brenda Chase/Getty Images
Celebrities at MTV Awards
George De Sota/Getty Images

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64 Responses

  1. krianne says:

    Aaliyah is definitely a legend.

  2. Van Hendrix says:

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  3. Lovebug 101 says:

    My name is Aaliyah 😃

  4. Nae West says:

    I’m a Aaliyah fan but this look like they just took colors I already have in my makeup kit and put her name on it and some nice packaging

  5. Valexis 1561 says:

    Omg I need that unicorn mirror!

  6. Farrah Array says:

    Love Aaliyah…Hate the makeup. I don’t think it represented her well. She was more into dark shadows and a nude lip. She only wore dark/ black lipstick in the try again video and I believe One in a million. If she were alive, it would definitely be more of a Rihanna vibe to the makeup.

    • beebikinis says:

      Farrah Array She didn’t wear black on those videos, and if she did, wouldn’t it be justified for it to be part of the collection since those are two of her most popular songs? She has black lipstick on Are you that somebody. Anyway, I think they wanted to include just general 90’s makeup trends in the collection too, not just Aaliyah’s favourites. The bronzer is a laugh anyway, it wouldn’t even show on Aaliyah’s complexion.

    • Nae West says:

      The makeup is very basic

  7. Sarita Thompson says:

    Wish she was still here❤️😭R.I.P.

  8. Allison Stock says:

    i love Aaliyah but I am confused about why any makeup company is plastering her name all over some new makeup. this feels like a nostalgia cash grab, rather than an actual tribute to someone who truly deserves a tribute. this sucks.

    • gabdiesel05 says:

      Allison Stock this collection was demanded by the fans for Mac to create. There was a petition signed by thousands of people, myself included. The company worked personally with her brother and went into Aaliyah’s actual makeup bag to create the whole collection. As far as money is concerned, to expect a company to create an unplanned collection, make the product, distribute it and the make no profit from it, is a ridiculous expectation. This whole collection would not exist if it weren’t for her fans. This is most definitely a tribute to Aaliyah and her legacy.

    • Allison Stock says:

      i genuinely didnt realize that. thanks for the info!

    • Nae West says:


    • Nadira Adiswari says:

      I wonder where the profit goes. I hop some of them will go to aaliyah’s family and also to charity

  9. KarenK.M says:

    The girl in the jean jacket is super cute

  10. Ricky Dee says:

    No offense, more disappointed in the makeup looks than the actual collection, I don’t feel like they show cased it well enough

    • devereaux min says:

      Ricky Dee it doesnt look good quality anyways. The lipsticks were sheer and the eyeshadows werent that pigmented.

  11. Akendrick945 says:

    ew this is so exploitative

  12. Ishan Ali says:

    Aaliyah was an icon

  13. S P says:

    when i look at this collection i think of everything else but aaliyah

  14. Mellow Yellow says:

    Aaliyah deserves it? It’s not like shes getting the profits for it.

  15. Kelsey Rawlings says:

    Where can i get that mirror with the spikes!

  16. 康太土屋 says:

    Their reactions seem so fake

  17. S Mac says:

    …anyone else find it in weird/in bad taste that they launched a line under the brand of alliyah..when she isn’t around to say whether she wanted to / not? I admired Alliyah & I don’t feel okay with this.

    • Noobinator DLH says:

      S Mac MAC actually made this based on a fan demand. They worked with her family to create this collection. Do research on how and why they made the collection before you get in defense and say it’s in bad taste.

    • LorieLynn says:

      Just because the fans demand something, doesn’t mean they should get it, especially considering that fans are just that, fans. They don’t actually know Aaliyah and have absolutely zero right to be speaking for her. Just because a person’s family wants or is ok with something, doesn’t actually mean or in anyway prove that the person in question would want and be ok with it. There are in fact numerous examples throughout history of people doing the exact opposite of what their family members wanted after those family members had passed away all while claiming they were doing what so and so would have actually wanted. There are also tons of examples of family members talking about things that people just absolutely “Loved” when they were alive, only to have someone else who also knew that person point out that they actually despised that thing but didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. So the research doesn’t really in any way prove that this isn’t in bad taste.

  18. Joy Walsh says:

    Hmmmmm i have always been a fan of Aaliyiah (am only a couple of years older than her) but back in the 90s we were all about the browns and chocolate tones for lips and eyes with perhaps some silver or gold tones in shadows and NO ONE ever wore lipstick without liner!!! This make up line doesnt make sense or seem very innovative other than that beautiful sparkly black lippie, id look like Wednesday addams with that though.

    This seems a bit money grubbing to me, given macs prices….

    • BOFA Gregg says:

      Joy Walsh I mean they worked together with her brother and even looked in her makeup bag it might not be basic 90’s but they did base it in what we have left of her

  19. Early Morning Gray says:

    Hope her family benefits from this Mac collection

  20. Maryam Dramé says:

    I wonder where Beyoncé would be if Aaliyah was still alive

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