We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike

We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike

“I want those troops to come home, and I will do it with my LEGS!”
Devon Simon
Rosiekia Kia Artis
Justine Reilly
Becca Hess
Dottie’s Delights

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Justine Reilly
Devon Simon
Rosiekia Kia Artis

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65 Responses

  1. Julie Eisenhart says:

    To everyone reading this

    You’re beautiful and amazing. Have a wonderful day/night 🙂

  2. Laura L. says:

    Wow in the beginning Kristen was crazy-er than normal

  3. Becca says:

    kristen: L E G S
    devin: PoRNsTaRS
    freddie: feminism, owning your body!
    chantel: girls doing it for themselves!!!

    i love this video! pinups are awesome and honestly i love the whole feminism and girl power

  4. * Chai Latte * says:

    “I want those troops to come home. And I will do it with my LeEeEegs” – Kristin 2019

  5. Captain says:

    Devin: I’m going to have a problem getting out of this emotionally…. and physically

  6. Weeze Ramage says:

    Love these girls so much!! They have taught me to be confident in my own skin and I can never stop laughing when I watch their videos! So excited another vid came out

  7. Just Jordyn says:

    I love this video especially Freddie’s explanation of a pinup girl

  8. Sketchbook says:

    I dont know, i think everyone needs to be a pinup at least once in their life. Talk about empowering and a confidence boost

    • Alma Saon says:

      Honestly, dolling yourself in a sexy way is _so_ amazing for the confidence!
      I cosplay Black Canary, and _goddamn_ can I understand why Dinah chose that outfit. I feel like I can take on the world, punch gropers and catcallers in the face, and just generally bring others to their knees. I feel so free and confident and empowered.

    • ShaeƧΉΛΣѕнαє Annalese says:

      For me id just be a self conscious mess. The total opposite of empowered. I.e. why I don’t wear bikinis or bath suits to the beach

  9. Demelza L says:

    I totally just read the title as “pimp models” and was so confused for a minute

  10. Was-a-fan usa says:

    Freddie didn’t look like pin up but she did look cute

    • THE_REAL_ PennElle says:

      Neither did Chantal! I do think Freddie had the least amount of pin up energy going on but, Chantal’s outfit……let’s just say that her outfit was…..out there! ?

    • LNL says:

      They said they were doing a “modern pin-up” so I’m not surprised it wasn’t 100% the pin-up we think of lol

    • lauren says:

      Was-a-fan usa look if it could get pinned to somebody’s wall for……. inspiration, its a pin up

  11. Sabrina Schlotterer says:

    Hello you beautiful person scrolling through the comments ??

  12. Amanda Alliance says:

    I just realize how short Kristin when she lift up her legs

  13. Jane Justice Doe says:

    XD oddly, I thought Kristen was taller, but when she lifted her legs in the beginning, she seemed short lol

  14. MeganLeigh Maguire says:

    I got pin up from Devon and Kristen but Freddie and Chantel didn’t give me pin up feels at all.

    • Darkhorse3211 says:

      I have to agree. I felt Freddie’s was more a ‘got milk’ ad, and Chantal was pro feminism. Not sure why theirs were so far off from pin ups.

    • Alexis Mundle says:

      Freddie’s look could have been more pinup if she wore more stereotypically “femme colours” or had posed less ‘sexy’ and more ‘perky’/ ‘surprised’. The overall aesthetic would be percieved as pinup if it weren’t have been for her ‘sensual poses’.

  15. Liz Holbrook says:

    While I definitely enjoyed this video, I didn’t feel like Chantel’s look was anything near pinup. I was thinking like Barbarella vibes but instead it looked like a thrown together afterthought. It was kind of disappointing considering how good everyone else’s looks were.

    • Allyson Teague says:

      Liz Holbrook definitely agree. Kinda disappointed with how they turned out. It could’ve been so bomb.

    • eternalchronicl says:

      She was probably taking inspiration from the 1960s Sci-Fi films: Barbarella, Planet of the Apes, Fahrenheit 451. The 1940s and 1950s Si-Fi films were fairly male-centric and didn’t have much pin-up.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. Freddie’s weren’t very 50’s pin-up either. Their concepts could’ve been executed better and would’ve looked FABULOUS.

    • Meghan Gallagher says:

      I thought the idea was to have a modern twist but I feel like Chantel and Freddie were the only ones that did that…

  16. Mary Alamo says:

    I just want to be Kristen comfortable in my body ?

  17. Glitch.x.Witch says:

    I don’t know why they didn’t go in a more Barbarella direction for Chantel, that’s very 60s and pinup…?

  18. Jet Girl says:

    What’s pin-upish about Chantal. She is more like mad Max glam + low budget alien movie from Syfy channel.

    • Natalie Vollmar says:

      They should have gone for a more the 50 ft woman look.

    • girl in static says:

      I think the point was a modern pinup because she said she liked the pinup women doing it for themselves

    • paige says:


    • Mikaela and Sydney says:

      I honestly feel that Chantal could of done a better theme because it really didn’t look pinup it just looked kinda like a cheap sci-fi movie. If she really wanted to do something feminist do something like what Kristen did and be sexy and have a sign that said I did this for myself or something.

  19. Hildy van Hefeweizen says:

    The “A E I O U” mouth shapes are the keys to good pinup faces!

  20. Antoine Louis King says:

    “I’m a grandpa’s wet dream”

    Devin made me laugh so hard I died and reincarnated to listen to it again

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