We Tried $32 Bottled Air

We Tried $32 Bottled Air

“Alright guys, we’re gonna sniff some air!”

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Vitality Air

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79 Responses

  1. chicken nugget says:

    “Move peasants”

  2. AvecMimi says:

    Next level asthma pump

  3. Bitesize Berty says:

    At least they can admit they’ve run out of ideas

    • fushia w says:

      Bitesize Berty I think they were just mocking you guys that say it all the time. Say it before yall annoying people fill up the comments with it

  4. Justin Y. says:

    So the lorax was real

  5. Van Hendrix says:

    Amazing things people are willing to spend money on

  6. Chris Lasekan says:

    I remember back in my day air didn’t cost $32 dollars…

    *IT COST A LIFETIME! You kids and your cheap new toys!*

  7. • SH1NING_L1GHT • says:

    So I’m not the only one who was reminded of The Lorax???

  8. Dr. Avalanche says:

    O’Hare is at it again.

  9. iRaspBerry Pi says:

    Here in Thneedville, the air is not so clean
    So we buy it fresh
    It comes out this machine 📟

    – O’ Hare air

  10. Alina S. says:

    When you’re so rich you want to buy air

    • Alina S. says:

      Katie A…you know, I’m not even gonna point out all the things wrong with what you said. Keep up the wishful thinking bud. 👍🏻

    • Katie A says:

      Alina S. Nothing I said was wrong. The air might be expensive and people can’t afford it but people still need the air because theirs is dangerous to breath. Example: smog problems in China

    • Katie A says:

      Alina S. Also if you had bothered to watch the whole video you would have learned all the facts about pollution and the problems it causes

    • Alina S. says:

      Katie A, as if 160 seconds of air will help anyone. Please, tell me how bottles of air can actually help anyone living in a place that has air pollution. I’m genuinely curious at what you think.

    • Katie A says:

      Alina S. I’m not saying it is the best way, but at least they are doing something to help. A bottle of air does not do much, but what you said “when you’re so rich you want to buy air”is mocking it. And you shouldn’t be mocking something that is important. Clean air is important for people’s health so yeah someone might buy air.

  11. undertakerpunk says:

    $1 Air vs $100 Air.

  12. Veridian says:

    This *B-air-ly* makes any sense

  13. on top meme master says:

    This got so depressing so fast

  14. Ecstasy And Heroin says:

    Sponsored by O’hare from the Lorax

  15. Fritz Wunderlich says:

    Oh yeah the people who really need it are rich enough to buy these? Good idea.

    • raidenkeify says:

      Katie A china does have alot of rich people through

    • VamosRafa says:

      raidenkeify yeah well with 1.4 bn people there must be rich people, but I’m pretty sure they make sure to live in places where there’s minimal pollution
      But for the remaining 1.3bn chinese, a 30$ air bottle is hardly affordable

    • Storm Bey says:

      The average household income in China is $10,000. Granted, they don’t have nearly as much debt as Americans but compare that to the median household income in America of $83,000 and whoever saying “most Chinese people are rich” must be idiots. There’s a lot of rich people in China for the sole reason that, by sheer numbers, the top 10% in China is equal to almost half of America’s entire population. By numbers? Yes, a lot of rich people. By proportion? Less than the American average.

    • chloe says:

      Yeah, my family has a history of asthma so we always keep these around (We live in shanghai, china)

  16. Maki Roll says:

    Lol it’s funny bc I live 1 hour from lake Louise

  17. Joshua Santos says:

    $1 air, $31 bottle

  18. Åsa S says:

    This can contains 160 inhalations. We inhales about 30 000 times/day.
    So to get fresh air for just one day, one would need 188 cans. That’s about $6000/day. $ 2,2 million/year.

  19. dab howlter says:

    Save the trees

  20. Kim Crystal says:

    oh the Irony… Needing to Breath Bottled Air Due to Pollution from Bottles that Cause More Pollution

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