We Tried A Full Face Of Jelly Makeup • Ladylike

We Tried A Full Face Of Jelly Makeup • Ladylike

“It Jiggles!”
Get their lewks here:

Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser: https://bzfd.it/2EQ9Twp
Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer: https://bzfd.it/2ESmXCl
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #5: https://bzfd.it/2SldeY6
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #4:https://bzfd.it/2RonHVt
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #3:https://bzfd.it/2ETD4zj
Farsali Jelly Bean Illuminator in Glow Up: https://bzfd.it/2Q6qXA8

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83 Responses

  1. Jessi Rudd says:

    Freddie is pretty without any makeup

  2. Ishan Ali says:

    Freddie’s skin is so clear! She needs to drop a skin care routine

  3. B Singh says:

    Your videos are so interesting and original ???

  4. Hannah Edwards says:

    I love it so much when Jen just comments from the camera

  5. Willem Jongeneelen says:

    For sensitive skin types, try using CosRx Low PH Cleanser as a substitute for the Drunk Elephant Cleanser.

    • lins says:

      Not for everyone tho. I’m sensitive to AHA/BHA and it gave me a lot of little whiteheads. I didn’t know until I stopped using it.
      Now I use for daily cleansing the Klairs facial soap and it doesn’t break me out or give me acne. It’s very mild!

    • FlyingSolo says:

      Cetaphil all the way.

    • Willem Jongeneelen says:

      I’m glad you found something. Honestly it was hard for me to find something that works for me as well. Everyone skin reacts differently ?

    • lins says:

      Willem Jongeneelen yeah, I was so sad when I found out not even that cleanser was mild enough but Klairs changed my life (I can’t live without COSRX snail line tho)

    • L Norwood says:

      lins SAME. Not to be dramatic, but their snail Essence is literally life sustaining.

  6. Rae Grimm says:

    Me: Hm, is this a sponsored video?
    Kristin: IT BURNS MY FACE!!!
    Me: Guess not.

  7. Tiffany Martin says:

    Jen saying “take it off Kristin” was me screaming at my phone as soon as she said it’s starting to tingle

    • kelliii niiicole says:

      I deeply relate

    • Eventide says:

      Well, it is a cleanser so you do expect a tingle and maybe slight burning. So when it started to be too much she did go take it off. Her face did look genuinely better afterwards though, so I don’t think she had an actual reaction to it. Her skin is just that sensitive that it didn’t like a new product. Kristin probably uses the same thing and has for a quite a while, which is why her sensitive skin would freak out.

  8. Catallena says:

    oki, what is freddie’s skincare routine for her face?! i need to know!

  9. Lydia-Renee Anderson says:

    Freddie’s hair is giving me Ashley Banks Fresh Prince vibes

  10. Nev Harrison says:

    Freddie has the skin we would all want

  11. Immy Smith says:

    Fred: but while a jelly’s sticky consistsissnsceeee
    Fred: but whaahahahaaa
    (Like a news presenter) Kristin: But while jelly’s sticky consistency is perfect for luuuuunch,

  12. Monica P. says:

    Love Freddie’s hair!!!???

    Edit: how on earth is her skin so clear!?

    Another edit: thanks for 105 likes! Never had this many!? I’m genuinely confused on how I have this many.

    • MarvelousSandstone says:

      That’s what I tell people that ask me for my secret, I don’t have a secret other than that I was lucky enough to inherit my mothers amazing skin. Seems like Freddie had the same luck.

    • Monica P. says:

      +MarvelousSandstone wow! you are super lucky. my skin isn’t filled with acne or stuff but it could use some improvement.

    • J A S M E E N says:


  13. Ryan Hayes says:

    So Fred when you dropping your skin care routine?

  14. Hey Its Teresa says:

    I don’t think they’re ready for this Jelly??

  15. Katie says:


  16. Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos says:

    People experiment so much with make-up, no wonder so many have skin problems. Or is just my skin demanding as h*ll? ?

  17. Makenna C says:

    Kristin: it’s burning my face!
    Jen: *want my knife?*

  18. SC says:

    Is it just me or is Freddie getting more and more attractive? (If that was actually possible lol)

  19. ᴊɪᴍᴊᴀᴍꜱ says:

    i am desperate for a freddie skin routine

  20. Ladylike says:

    Get their lewks here:
    Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser: https://bzfd.it/2VgSBOA
    Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer: https://bzfd.it/2TgXK7s
    Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #5: https://bzfd.it/2EY45lt
    Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #4: https://bzfd.it/2CF8KWU
    Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors #3: https://bzfd.it/2SmdZA1
    Farsali Jelly Bean Illuminator in Glow Up: https://bzfd.it/2EVLiaj

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    • Jp Lang says:

      +The All Star Challenge looks or outfits

    • flibbertygibbette says:

      But did the primer actually make your foundation last longer???

    • CHEYENNE Welch says:

      Kristen Freddie…… hair

    • Raven Mouse says:

      So we all know makeup can be a bit pricey, I mean, all these combined would rack you up nearly 165 before shipping fees. It would be nice if you could show the name of the product and the price as you use it and if you would gloss over the prices at least in passing. Like 20 bucks for one eye color?! I know make up is expensive but you guys should maybe mention prices and tell us if it’s overall worth it. Loved the video!

    • Patricia Keller says:


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