We Tried Boiling Dry Ice

We Tried Boiling Dry Ice

Today we’re taking a comment request a little too far by boiling way more dry ice than we probably should’ve!

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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38 Responses

  1. Robert Shatzer says:

    You should try boiling hot water and dry ice in a vacuum chamber

  2. iSienna says:


  3. W Schut says:

    Put a really hot pan on a granite kitchen counter, will it crack?

  4. Kamil Niemczyk says:

    Can you spray paint dry ice?

  5. - Kemsku - says:

    plzzzz put dry ice in molten metal that is boiling in water LOL

  6. Conner _gaming says:

    Can you put perfume in liquid nitrogen let it thaw and see if it still smells

  7. Bubba The Bunny says:

    You should put dry ice in a vacuum chamber
    Edit: I just realized they already have

  8. MrMaulik96 says:

    Hey please microwave liquid nitrogen…!!😍

  9. Technosavvy hd says:

    Melt sodium metal and then tri it to put in boiling water ! Like if it is interesting

  10. TricksTrilogy says:

    Try putting chocolate drops in liquid nitrogen

  11. Fate _qq says:

    i have an idea for a video. INCLUDE GRANT

  12. Mr Banana says:

    Can you make carbonated fruit with dry ice. That would be awesome!!!!!!

  13. MrDanSir says:

    That girl laughs forcefully too much

  14. Byad says:

    What happens if you put dry ice and glowstick fluid in boiling water, will the vapor glow ?

  15. Nobita Nobi says:

    *me trying to hold my breath so i dont get hypoxia*

  16. Bob the builder says:

    What if you dehydrate Elmers School glue. Would you be able to rehydrate it and use it again?

  17. Thomas Horsman says:

    Who microwaves water? Use the kettle

  18. cole doesMinecraft says:

    You should pod a lego person in the cold ice with water

  19. Sahil Manocha says:


  20. RaynorX says:

    Can you use your Super Powerful Flashlight with the Solar Scorcher to try and set stuff on fire?

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