We Tried Color-Changing Lipsticks • Ladylike

We Tried Color-Changing Lipsticks • Ladylike


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51 Responses

  1. Ashley R. says:

    third and love you guys🥰🤪

  2. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    Who loves Ladylike? 😍

  3. Claire Frietje says:

    I’m in love with Fred’s hair omg

  4. Maddy Sims says:

    maybe like 3 years late for this trend 😂 but I loved this video!

  5. Where's Misha says:

    I’ve tried lipsticks like these before. My mom ordered them thinking they would be different colors since they ranged from red to green to black, but they all turned out to be the same pinky color.

  6. Adriana Ramer says:

    Did anyone else get the same time notification for. The Try Guys and this vid!?!?!?😲😲😲

  7. _Jazmin Mata_ says:

    *this comment is lost*

    Like if you found it

  8. magenta lycan says:

    Is it just me or in the first one dose it look like Chantel dose not have anything on. Or is it just me

  9. Angel Durham says:

    It looked like they were just enhancing their natural lip color

    • Jessica Wong says:

      Angel Durham i actually like that you know. I find it hard to find a lipstick/lip balm colour that is just slighly brighter than my natural lip colour

    • Angel Durham says:

      +Jessica Wong I liked it too, I was just saying, they said ‘color changing’, well, it did change color for each of them by enhancing their natural lip color, which I think is really cool, wonder what it would do for me considering I have so much color already?

    • Isabella Humphreys says:

      My tablet says this video came out 36 min ago and you’re comment says it was posted 3 hours ago?

    • Angel Durham says:

      +Isabella Humphreys I saw it 3 hours ago

    • Katelyn Jan says:

      @jessica wong essence makes a nice cheaper version

  10. Ms.Goodhope says:

    So did all 4 share the same lipstick 😕

  11. Zainab says:

    You guys are kinda late like this trend has died down but loved this video xx

  12. Michelle Monchez says:

    Can ladylike do another beauty roulette and put on the brushes and blenders for makeup on the wheel and they have to spin the wheel and which ever it lands on they have to use that brush or blender

  13. ChaosAsItSwirls says:

    They’ve already done a video like this before …

  14. LaurenDTM says:

    They just made their lips shiny 😂😂

  15. Frostclaw12345 :3 says:

    “instead of on a 𝘧𝘪𝘪𝘴𝘩 its on our 𝘭𝘪𝘪𝘱𝘴” -Freddie and Devin 2018

  16. Kayla Warren says:

    Where is Jen?!

  17. Ash Westbrook says:

    I feel like they’ve done this before, and also…. they’re kinda late.

  18. oo o says:

    I MEAAAN it was already done in buzzfeed-> as/is… And with the same product… Year ago… 🤔🤔🤔 *still love them *no hate 😂😂

  19. tilda ojala says:

    freddie’s outfits are always seriously the cutest

  20. The Lily Show says:

    3:34 to 3:36 OMG Kristen’s highlight. I’m in love 💙❤💚💛💜

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