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In this episode of “That cost how much?!?” we try and re-create West Elm items on a budget. We tried out a wooden tray, a pedestal lamp, and a glass bowl terrarium. How did we do? Tell us below!

Shop these West Elm items:
http://bit.ly/2pJ60A1 – Gold lamp
http://bit.ly/2ITcEMM – Deco handle tray
http://bit.ly/2ITepcQ – Cross base terrarium

Check out the blog post here!: https://goo.gl/Fs54Vs

Gold handes: http://bit.ly/2pLdnXG (they only come in packs of 10 though!)

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28 Responses

  1. sachii. k. says:

    *just subbed to the vlog channel :)*

  2. Ricki -Lee says:

    Do a closet organiser cause your girl is tryna redo her room and she’s strugglin! Like built in drawers with rollers and stuff would be awesome

    • Roses and Dreams says:

      Ricki -Lee Hey I am going to do a decoration video on my channel.You can subscribe to not miss it if you want 💕

  3. Seven petals held by my heart says:

    gosh.. ppl, I get that some ppl could be frustrated because the girls already had everything.. but if you’re seriously considering making them you can just google things up to see how much they cost..
    I typed “gold door handle” and still got the result


    • Jen D says:

      Pre-furnished are on the cheapest end of the spectrum, this one was a week to week so my next door neighbors (as in the apartment with the inside door right next to mine) changed at least 6 times in the year and a half I lived there. But I got a job in a different state from my family with the catch that I had to be moved to start in 3 days and that was the only place that could be ready in that short amount of time – it wasnt cleaned AT ALL when I moved in – still cans and trash all around the place and moldy food in the fridge. But after I spent a couple weekends cleaning – including renting a steam cleaner for the couch (the bed was brand new because when I saw it the day after the old tenant moved out the one that was there was slashed to bits) – it was a decent enough place to live and as long as I paid my rent on time each week (I usually paid ahead for the month which shocked the property manager the first time), they didnt care how many DIYs I did, so there was a lot of making stand alone storage furniture because anything I installed I had to leave behind for the next tenant. But also being my first apartment all I could afford for materials was cheap MDF – which I learned does not support the weight of a person trying to reach a high shelf (thats what happened to my shoe rack) and while I could have thrown it out since the top shelf broke like I was chopping boards in Karate, I instead chose to take out all the screws on that side, recut that shelf just beyond the snap to make it even and flat to the side piece and then cut the bottom one to the same length so I could put it back together and use it – 6 inches so 4 pairs of shoes shorter. The lower rod the previous tenant had put in according to the landlord and it was just a 1 in diameter dowel with a screw into the ends from outside the walls of the closet which awkwardly stuck out into the bathroom which was also my hallway between my bedroom and the main room. I have a lot of skirts and they weigh a lot so it snapped in half and I cut the rough edges away (shattered is more accurate) and made the two pieces each an individual hanging rod that had only half the weight on it as the original.

    • Emerald Mara85 says:

      Its around 10 pounds on Amazon but if you look at cheaper alternatives (why does it have to an air plant?) you can get something less than 4 or 5 pounds (well, where I come from it can go as low as less than 3 pounds for fancy flowers as long you know where to look). Dollar stores can have good fakes ones too. The point of DIYs is cheaper than the original.
      Like I said about the spray can, eventually you’re going to use it on other projects.
      Its like asking someone ‘what is the cost of doing homework on 1 exercise book?’ when you buy school supplies lasting for several months.
      If you are unable to even pay for tools or materials, I suggest waiting until a much later time when your finances are more stable. You have to known that DIYs will cost something, right?

    • SuperGingerKatKin says:

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that most people would know someone who owned a saw and sander and would be willing to lend to you. I personally don’t own any of these tools but there are a few people in my friend group, as well as family that I could borrow these tools from and use as an opportunity to spend time with them. Plus if you’re really into diy, you will probably want to purchase a saw and whatnot at some point anyways and you can usually find decently priced ones new or check out used sites.

    • Alana Mendizabal says:

      Christine Gabutina i do lmao people who use tools own a saw.

    • Seven petals held by my heart says:

      u get almost no shipping if u live in the North American continent, no?
      here’s a nice hand saw and if u don’t feel like doing lots of work then u can ask to cut the wood while u r buying it at Home Depot. and Of course u hav to spend sth to buy the tools and supplies…but they last a good long time. u gotta invest SOMETHING to get started.

  4. RoZ DarmandraiL says:

    Do Pottery Barn and maybe Z Gallery? Love you guysss

  5. Mn Bz says:

    These look so legit

  6. bringdawhl says:

    Restoration Hardware

  7. Cassy Lee Gilson says:

    This is brilliant

  8. Anonymous Person says:

    I am gonna make that fish bowl thingy! Bec i already have everything….. wipppppeeeeee

  9. Michaela Shipp says:

    Can you do CB2 dupes?

  10. Kayla Thompson says:

    I actually loved the light before they put the gold on it 😍

  11. yamaksy says:

    The naked lamp looked even better before the golden stickers!

  12. Maria DeMarco says:

    haha amazing the kelsey”s WHAAAATS” !! amazing DIYs girls !

  13. heleen van der Velden says:

    Zara home!!! Soo cute but Soo expensive😟

  14. Cecilee Flowerdew says:

    Maybe you guys could do diy of pier21!

  15. Amy Lamb says:

    OBSESSED with that lamp! <3

  16. Fiene Kuiper says:

    Do a expensive accessories video! form urban or something

  17. Emmie Schmidt says:

    Do Pier One Imports next

  18. Aipril Hayday says:

    I liked the lamp better without the gold paper!

    • Sarah Larson says:

      I agree…I liked the concrete too…I would have done gold spray paint on it and leave the concrete texture if I still wanted it gold

  19. Ares says:

    I LOVE that lamp – I think I liked it better with just the concrete actually! BRB DIYing a million of them for gifts

  20. TheSorryGirls says:

    All prices and all items in this video are now linked on the blog! >> https://goo.gl/z9JLXj. ✨✨ ALSO, let’s start a list of which stores you want to see next on this comment!!

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