We Tried Every Viral Kardashian Product..

We Tried Every Viral Kardashian Product..

HAPPY MONDAY!!! may we appreciate grandmas honesty the woman shows no mercy hahah I LOVE YOU!!

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00:00 – Intro
1:35 – SKIMS
13:52 – 818 TEQUILA
16:33 – KYLIE BABY
19:14 – SKKN BY KIM
25:00 – POOSH
29:19 – who wins

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If you’re reading this comment “the kardashians are not grandma approved”

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28 Responses

  1. morgans vlogs says:

    1. Take a shot everyday grandma absolutely drags someone

    2. thank you all sm for the support on my last video 😭 I don’t want to make my entire channel related to fitness or weight loss but if you want to see my workout and good of the day I’m gonna start posting those on Snapchat!! Follow me at morgan_adams33 🤍

    PS Sorry if you saw this for a half a second yesterday or this morning youtube was in the mood to give me a fun panic hahah

    • Molly Lysowski says:

      Ok I’m loving the review videos can we do full series of review other utube and tv stars products with your family was the best but truly any vlogs u do are the bomb and I just wanted to say u look fabulous I need to start your regime because u look great giving me inspiration 🎉🎉🎉

    • Bree says:

      When your school has finished and you’ve got time, I think Morgan Approves Book Reviews could be cool.
      Morgan cooks 7 dinners for a healthier lifestyle or 6 healthy and one cheat dinner…
      I like the state fair idea, Morgan tests carnival crap haha.
      Love your vibe. Xxx

    • whitykitty says:

      info on the Blanco versus reposado by 818

      it’s not completely tequila; its VODKA. as well, the reposado isn’t actually aged its been artificially flavored to taste aged. Which is probably why it didn’t taste right.

      You are not paying for “tequila” buying a celebrity brand.

    • Nathan Dog says:

      818 doeeee

    • Ella Sparks says:

      2:45 Blurrrrrr…..people can find you with such a small amount of info….window!!!

  2. Addy ._. says:

    Can we just appreciate three generations of women doing makeup together, all feelin themselves. I didn’t know I needed this in my life, I love it 🥹💛

  3. Regina Phelange says:

    I need Grandma Janice to have a Netflix show IMMEDIATELY

  4. The L Family says:

    Can we appreciate Morgan’s glow and the fact that she’s feeling herself!?!?! ✨️ Yasss queen.

  5. 87holdfast says:

    Would love some story times about Grandma Janice meeting her husbands. Haha, seriously. Love you all❤

  6. kat says:

    Video Ideas:
    *Auntie Practice (looking after a crying baby doll like apparently American high schools give students)
    *Lessons of some sort (ballet, gymnastics, cooking) w Ryland
    *Something involving your house…
    *Girls pamper day don’t forget grandma
    *Cookie Halloween costumes
    *Shane does your makeup
    *A series on learning how to… (have you seen that tiktok of the single dad teaching his teenage girl how to be self reliant?)
    That’s all for now hope it helps xxxx
    From your girl in New Zealand xxxx

  7. Millennium Bassett says:

    I’m glad Shane knows babies don’t need conditioner 😂. I feel better about them having a kid now

  8. Valerie Ann says:

    You should make a series “Pump or Dump” and do this with other brands

  9. Miranda Pierce says:

    Love how your grandma is just unfazed by all the bs you say “unkay” it cracks me up every time 😂😂

  10. Alyssa says:

    Ryland is cracking me up. The g spot? Braiding the doll’s hair so it gets curvy? Lol. I died when Morgan said to wash the baby’s hair with Olaplex from day 1

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