We Tried Nicki Minaj’s Hair For A Week

We Tried Nicki Minaj’s Hair For A Week

“Basically we’re getting some long ass weave.”

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21 Responses

  1. dolan forvida says:

    the girl with the sunflower outfit was SLAYING IT!!!???

  2. Lambilisious Lamb 17 says:

    Turn the camera on her forget about us lmao

  3. Jamie Silver says:

    My natural hair is as long or longer than those wigs, it’s currently over 3 feet long.

  4. Anon says:

    soo what we not gon do is name long wigs after nicki.
    thank you

  5. Jimin's Lips says:

    *Concerned about getting on and off the train, making sure nobody steps onto their wigs*
    Girl: You want your wig to be snatched but not that kind of snatched!


  6. ReyesIndustries says:

    Essence kinda looks like Alesha Dixon, just cut the hair

  7. Santa Concepcion says:

    I want hair like that

  8. Jack O' Keeffe says:

    Nicki Minaj looks like a neanderthal prostitute. I bet she stickier than a pool of melted toffee between her legs!

  9. Zor Wild says:

    “I don’t get them that often because the kind that I like are the kind that Beyonce also likes, and me and Beyonce are in two different tax brackets.” – *That was the most relatable sentence I’ve ever heard in my entire life.*

  10. Dahmer Did_it says:

    Pink one was so shiny

  11. Loveberry101 Xx says:

    Whose a niki glamour fan and had seen this video and when essence was in this thinks maybe this is the one niki was talking about?

  12. Nick Paganetti says:

    I clicked because I thought I saw JessHilarious in the thumbnail. Bye.

  13. karen perez says:

    the lady 3:26 was so lost lmfaooooo and then seconds later her friends were praising her, yaaasss

  14. Ambrosia Dominguez says:

    No one else saw the Suave and was like oh no hunny.

  15. Alackofcaring 96 says:

    Mostly because they couldnt afford the surgery on every other part

  16. DeLaCupcake :: says:

    This is the first buzzfeed video
    Ive seen where they use a good looking wig

  17. Trinity The Train Engine says:

    Now they know the pain of having long hair

  18. Nasiima M. says:

    When she was on the subway ?????

  19. Emily hancock says:

    they all look freaking stunning – also we need their skincare routines stat because all of them have flawless skin

  20. notice me senpai says:

    My natural hair is as long as one of those wigs and people always think im wearing a wig or extenstions ”^”

  21. Cherry says:

    soo what we not gon do is name long wigs after nicki.
    thank you

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