We Tried Salvador Dali’s Strange Egg Recipe

We Tried Salvador Dali’s Strange Egg Recipe

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61 Responses

  1. Angel Francis says:

    I’m early, but I don’t say first

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    That was a bad egg, just like Veruca Salt

  3. Comic Creator says:

    Every like ill add a turtle


    Edit: yo guys ima sleep now so I’ll update in the morning

  4. Adnan Hussain says:

    Oh yeah he’s definitely 100% into women

  5. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    i love this series 😀

  6. Lauren Garcia says:

    NO. JOKE. I was just wondering when another video from this series would be posted. I love it. Keep it coming!!!

  7. bboysoulzero says:

    The woman on the thumbnail seems familiar, she reminds me of the woman who painted with her menstrual blood

  8. Brettington Frothingslosh says:

    Ok, hold on, those two are together? Romantically? Uhhhhhh…..

  9. Claus Christian says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to blow the eggs out? Not sure if it’s a europe thing but in my family we always (at least for easter) blow through the holes in the eggshell to clean them out before painting them. Also I would make the holes smaller and blend the stuff that goes inside so it gets creamy and put it in a big syringe to fill the eggs.

  10. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    Love Tasty’s videos! They are always so interesting! ?

  11. sean feeney says:

    Someone going to tell her he’s gay?

  12. Zerus Zephuros says:

    The video editiors are having a blast with every vid xD

  13. Dude. says:

    Okay but Salvador Dali looks like if Jared and Shane Madej combined faces

  14. Thúy Thi says:

    Who’s gonna tell her…

  15. xazz says:

    The look of suffering on her face while he giggles and laughs as they fill egg shells is priceless

  16. xGiberish says:

    That was one eggcellent portrait.

  17. Nessa B says:

    Well, according to a book of Amanda Lear, a very close friend of Dalí and Gala. Gala did have indeed some affairs, also because Dalí claimed to be impotent.

  18. Delirium24 says:

    So… Not gonna mention Gala’s affairs or the times she locked Dali into rooms to force him to paint, huh? Cool.

  19. Memphis says:

    I just love how disgusted she looks at some points of the video. Girl, you painted with your period blood.

  20. Charista Zamora says:

    I LOVE THEM!lol squirts egg on her
    Him: this is good for me ,is good for u?
    Plz do more videos

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