We Tried The World’s Weirdest Sport…

We Tried The World’s Weirdest Sport…

Jack, Tubbo & Ranboo try out Goat Yoga! I literally cannot name something weirder!

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32 Responses

  1. JackManifoldTV says:

    Hello comment enjoyers! I know you saw the video (hopefully) but I just wanted to again remind you that my YouTooz is OUT NOW!!
    Here’s a link to grab one: https://youtooz.com/products/jack-manifold

    You’re supporting my directly by doing this so I really do appreciate anyone who chooses to buy one. Thanks you lot!! 🙂

  2. evil says:

    Ranboo has no clue what’s going on, but he’s happy to be there

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Tubbo was just with his own kind in this vlog.

    Also, Memento Mori.

  4. grandma biscuits says:

    “you can’t feed josh manifold the goat food!”
    so we can feed you the goat food, jack?

  5. irlquicksilver says:

    The way they introduced Gary was so fucking threatening

  6. Woppy says:

    “FaZe Goat isn’t real it can’t hurt you”

    FaZe Goat:

  7. Føggyleaf Exist says:

    Ranboo: *Casually does push-ups with a full-grown goat on his back*

  8. Sara Arfinn says:

    “I literally just got robbed by goats”
    That line out of context is the funniest thing ever 😂

  9. heather willow says:

    i love how josh and tubbo were acting like literal kids and ranboo and jack are like babysitters

  10. Where Are My Avo0cad0s says:

    Jack- “oh no I think it’s Gary”
    Tubbo- “it’s the fattest fucking goat here”

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