We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

“Are you a goth? I wish.” Sponsored by Smirnoff.

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64 Responses

  1. Mac Guida says:

    7:41 Even witches are into technology these days…

  2. Ashlover 123 says:

    I love Rie & nikki ???
    Btw one shouldn’t overdose those *trendy* (let’s say trendy in 2018) black foods. Like when a person consumes activated charcoal in ice cream, the charcoal sucks up the calcium, potassium, and other vitamins that would be found in the milk. This prevents the stomach lining from absorbing those nutrients, which means that the body eliminates them as waste alongside the charcoal. In extreme cases, this can result in malnutrition.
    It’s not life threatening when u take everything within a limit 😀

    • Savannah Vu says:

      Ashlover 123 that’s an eye opener, there is all this stuff that they claim about the “health benefits” at these places that sell charcoal foods such as, how it whitens teeth, contains many minerals and a whole list of things. Hmmm.. don’t know what to think now ?

    • Katrina Escobar says:

      That’s a great point!
      Also there is a thing called Black Cocoa Powder. It’s what gives Oreos their color, so I’ve never understood why charcoal is being used in dessert when they can use black cocoa powder.

    • Michelle Krappe says:

      In extreme cases you will DIE! Charcoal is poisonous! They have ALWAYS clearly printed that on all bags of fucking charcoal! Why are you all acting like your retarded. The health inspector needs to get in all of these ice cream shoppes and fucking find out wtf these bastards are trying to poison people for!

  3. ybn stiffy says:

    buzzfeed ya made a mistake letting niki go ??

  4. Julia C says:

    Just for if you make this ever again, you can seep rose petals in water to make rose water you don’t just have to get it from a store premade.

  5. Samuel PIedad says:

    You guys should do the cotton candy burrito in Las Vegas next

  6. Jiske Van Piggelen says:

    Everybody on birth control. Don’t consume activated charcoal. It counteracts your birth control

  7. miss mochii says:

    “and the sprinkles are my personality.”
    *says andrew in the most monotone, depressing voice possible*

  8. Tia Marie says:

    Pro tip. Dont consume charcoal if you are on antibiotics or birth control. It will prevent the medicine from doing its job!!

    • Lindsay Abigail says:

      Tia Marie It can if you consume a lot of it all at once and it can mess with any medications but if you wait an hour or two after eating large amounts of it in one sitting you’ll be fine if you want I’ll paste the many articles I found on this

    • Tia Marie says:

      I was just trying to give a brief warning but thank you for adding more information!!

    • It’s Ourtube now says:

      Also a pro tip: if you accidentally eat poison consuming charcoal will actually help

  9. Sheep :/ says:

    Annie reminds me of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine…..❤️??

  10. Savannah Vu says:

    Can’t believe Niki isn’t going to be in any future videos! I don’t know why they would let her go, she has a great bubbly personality and it won’t be the same without her?

  11. Joe Jackson says:

    Rie’s presence is so soothing.

  12. Molly Young says:

    i miss the nikki and andrew combo 🙁

  13. Krystle C says:

    Disclaimer: Activated charcoal can affect the absorption of medication (including birth control).

    • Lindsay Abigail says:

      Krystle C It can if you consume a lot of it all at once and it can mess with any medications but if you wait an hour or two after eating large amounts of it in one sitting you’ll be fine if you want I’ll paste the many articles I found on this

    • Krystle C says:

      I understand that, but people still need to know that consumption can cause absorption issues so either avoid or wait the X amount of time before or after you take medication lol +Lindsay Abigail

    • Nikki Feliz says:

      Good thing Niki has a wife then-

  14. bluex yoongi says:

    Cute short hair and everything tasty and chemical asian the powerpuff girls!!!

  15. Anonymous bub says:

    I love when Niki and Annie do stuff together it’s just so funny watching them be together and cook together.

  16. Anonymous bub says:

    I wish Rie, Andrew, Niki, and Annie all worked together and cooked a giant meal like a buffet or most.

  17. Elijah H says:

    PSA: Don’t take part in the activated charcoal fad if you’re on medications such as antidepressants. It will stop you from absorbing your medicine properly.

    • Michelle Krappe says:

      Don’t take part in it if you are on medications??? Wtf what are you retarded? Don’t take part in it period! Medications don’t matter. What are you saying? That people only on medications instead of everybody should never eat charcoal!!!

    • Heaven Ward says:

      +Michelle Krappe They literally use charcoal at hospitals to stop the body from absorbing drugs or alcohol if you OD…

  18. chanyeolliee says:

    I don’t think the dry ice should be directly put in……..

  19. Sleep Chaser says:

    When they can get dry ice and charcoal but not rose water ? it’s literally at target

  20. Bian Chang says:

    Buzzfeed laying off niki, someone who (in my opinion) has made consistently great contributions to the channel with good content, makes me worry they might get rid of rie someday too.

  21. jalce says:


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