We Tried To Re-Create This Flower Pot Cake • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

We Tried To Re-Create This Flower Pot Cake • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

“You really gotta parallel park these layers.” We paired the new Pure Leaf Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea with the chocolate & floral flavor of this unique Flower Pot Cake!

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Marcus Samuelsson

Dan Smiley


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57 Responses

  1. Sid says:

    No Rie on the template

    I unconsciously got a little worried

  2. Shahtaj Baig says:

    Where is RIE. I want her in the finale

  3. Rosaline Carissa Averina says:



    • Batul Raza says:

      Rosaline Carissa Averina its because niki left

    • Spaced out of Grace says:

      +Batul Raza Nikki didn’t want to leave, Buzzfeed made the “genius” decision to lay her off even though she was one of everyone’s favorites

  4. Anonymous bub says:

    There is no Rie!!

  5. CR 15 says:

    Do we have to wait for another year for season 3???

  6. PinkAnimator says:

    T-They replaced Rie with Marcus? NOOOOO!!

  7. Healthy Recipe Channel says:

    Looks great, but would have looked better if they made the outside that orange clay flower pot color.

    • Mariaah says:

      +givememore4free liking your own comments doesn’t make you more right nor less rude… you were wrong, it’s not such a big deal… stop being childish…

    • givememore4free says:

      +Mariaah when I want your opinion I’ll ask for them until then I don’t need your comments. So bye-bye.

    • Mariaah says:

      +givememore4free Actually, you are commenting on a place where anyone is free to comment whatever they want… that is what you did and that’s why this all started…

    • Sophia Pompa says:

      givememore4free Jesus Christ, no need to be rude. You were wrong, just accept it. You don’t know what you’re talking about, so don’t defend yourself. You’ll just keep looking like more of an idiot.

    • Mecha Charizard says:

      @givememore4free She said that they weren’t using the right color and you said “I don’t know why you wasted making a comment” when it wasn’t a waste, clearly in the video you can see that with the right color you CAN thoroughly coat a darker shade of chocolate, 12:30 . You also need to understand that white chocolate is not the same as dark, and tastes different too. Of course any color on white will show, but the coloring in the video straight up wasn’t even sticking properly, and on top of that, if they did use the right color, it would have worked with their chocolate. So I don’t know why you are being rude to Sophia when she didn’t even say anything wrong. The real waste of a comment is yours right here and unfortunately probably this response too since you seem to dense and concerned about self-ego when it comes to socializing with others online.

  8. Clarisse Delos Santos says:


  9. PhoBoi Đinh says:

    Season finale??? Didn’t you guys just start the season?? ;-;

  10. Hubert Louis says:

    I wanna know…
    Is the video sponsored by *Peach Hibiscus Tea*

  11. Neko says:

    the finale episode without RIE!?!?

  12. Jake Miller says:

    That “drink Break” was the biggest marketing thing for pure leaf ever #sponsored??

  13. Alicia W says:

    They come up with the most creative ads lmao

  14. Krizzia Perilla says:

    Nikki: Wait, what are you expecting?
    Marcus: I expect a delicious, beautiful cake.
    Nikki to Adam and Andrew: He doesn’t know us at all.


  15. Smal Piper says:

    Woah that pure leaf product placement is so natural and not obvious whatsoever!!!!1!1!1!

  16. Jahnavi Babbar says:

    Eating your feed and Niki, together , makes me soo happy!! Love you Niki!!❤

  17. Hermione Granger says:

    Aww I can’t believe this season is already over! ?

  18. Hermione Granger says:

    I would eat it at school and just gauge people’s reactions ?

  19. Kimberley Martinez says:

    Yea I miss rie but Marcus was adorable ?

  20. Roger is Daddy says:

    I tired watching the video but I can’t stop looking at Nikis..brows

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