We Were Umpires In A Real Baseball Game!

We Were Umpires In A Real Baseball Game!

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23 Responses

  1. Griffeth says:

    As an umpire, this video hurt a little more than it should have. Great work guys.

  2. Quinn Hilligoss says:

    Eric punching kids out on balls in the other batters box 😂

  3. Josh Handra says:

    The director guy has a great sense of comedic timing. Really elevated the straight man with all of the goofballs on the field

  4. wade fr says:

    Eric: “ Great pitch dude. i would’ve taken that 450 though. no cap”
    Eric knowing he would have taken the biggest whiff in his life

  5. TheTEN24 says:

    Imagining an ump telling you that you got sawed off by a pitch right after is hilarious 😂

  6. Rizaldy Iman Putra says:

    Kevin joined the celebration in the end is hilarious 😂

  7. ameer harati says:

    These guys are literally the hangover

  8. Franco Mora says:

    GOD this video was hilarious! I had to pause more than once I was laughing so hard, and I totally lost it when Eric said “If I’m awake, that’s cardio”

  9. Budda man says:

    Eric pulled a Angel Hernández at 4:55 that was sooo a ball outside😂😂😂

  10. Michael Kwiatkowski says:

    King of banter scores a 10/10 on umpiring

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