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  1. iamfallfromgrace says:

    The sense of relief on both of your faces is everything 🥰 What a great start to 2022 for the H3 family – let’s hope this momentum continues!

  2. 8Bit CR says:

    Happy AF for you guys papa bless to y’all


  3. Gimble says:

    This kind of levity is what you guys must of needed so badly. It’s a win for the world. We want freedom for the world!

    Great moves. Keep it up.


  4. Justin Eberhart says:

    A man of many titles. Hairline king, lawsuit king, woman lover.

    Also props to Mr. Beck for getting a judge to say it’s flipped

  5. stylizacjeTV says:

    Love this!!! Go H3 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Hannah Mays says:

    Thank you for standing up for the entire online community and everyone’s free speech. You’re fighting the good fight man and we owe you a lot. Thank you !

  7. Sol Belaunde says:

    The fact that this lawsuit he filed out of spite would literally destroy his own business is a clear example of why he bankrupt his company.

  8. shayne_62 says:

    Ethan isn’t just lucky that he has the means to defend himself, he’s also lucky he was assigned a judge with moral character.

    There are people railroaded by corrupt judges in league with wealthy corporations.

    Look up Steven Donziger and Chevron.

    • Christian Morales says:

      If you look back to their first law suit in the 2010s they did not have the means and almost had their lives ruined for what was clearly fair use. Things were very unclear as far as legality at the time. People were crowdfunding for them and other YouTubers made videos asking fans to support H3H3. Just cause they have means and assets to protect now doesn’t make their case any less important for copyright laws in the future. I hope things get better for creators

  9. Flirtatious Toast says:

    PAPA BLESS that judge for having a brain. Hopefully this is over with soon, you guys don’t deserve this stress. Congratulations Ethan and Hila!

  10. 6ofRozes says:

    This. This is what free speech really is about, not people “Twitter cancelling you” because you’re out of touch. Free speech is being able to have an opinion on someone with alot of power and not being blasted with lawsuits

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