Weak To Strong Mod in Among Us

Weak To Strong Mod in Among Us

We add a New modded weak to strong imposter Mod in Among Us

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Mod by DoubleJump

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29 Responses

  1. Yahia gaming says:

    Sigils’s singing was so funny

  2. Banana Squared says:

    Mod idea: Celebrity Impostor/person running from paparazzi to escape
    Abilities ideas
    Paparazzi swarm: flashes and stuns person for 7 seconds
    Makeup: Choose someone to shapeshift into
    Go incognito: go invisible
    Festival: crew mates must jump over NPCsrunning at them while the impostor chooses where NPCs are running at them from. Has a robot play for him/her during the festival to make them not look sus.
    Trap ideas
    Sun tan booth: burns the crewmate who goes in to a crisp
    Assistant/Get me coffee!: find the task you have to do before time runs out and kills you

    Mini game idea
    Celebrity dance off! Whoever does the randomized dance moves that an npc is doing best in game with a few different dance moves set to specific buttons/place to click, last one alive wins and chooses a person to die.

    Thanks for reading! Make sure to put a like on this so SSundee will see it!

  3. Lily Costello says:

    Mod idea: The. Birthday Party Mod

    Imposters can throw confetti to blind everyone, Put on their birthday hat to go invisible, Throw presents at people to stun or kill them, Place present bombs down so crewmates blow up if they step on them, and a mini game that makes you race through a maze and there is presents falling, (the last person to make it through the maze gets crushed by a present)
    Please like so Ssundee can see!!!!

  4. Rayan Parmar says:

    Mod idea – Firework mod

    Aim of crewmates:
    Get rid of all their fireworks, to reduce their bar, to enter school, since the principal doesn’t allow fireworks. And also finish their tasks.

    Aim of imposters:
    Make the crewmates get more fireworks to get them expelled from school.

    (Everyone is wearing school uniforms and back packs covered with fireworks.)

    What can help the crewmates loose fireworks:
    1. Security guard shaking them upside down.
    2. Throwing fireworks in the trash.
    3. Going to the teacher’s desk to remove their fireworks.
    4. Bursting the fireworks in small safe zones.

    What imposters get:
    1. Rocket booster – Shoots a rocket at the angle the imposter points at.
    2. Cracker trap – A trap that bursts into flying crackers when someone is on top of it.
    3. Firework seller – Can instantly bring a seller to anyone (imposter’s choice) to sell them fireworks.
    4. Bomb – Can burst in a room to give more fireworks to crewmates.
    5. Firework pants – Can make a crewmate put them on and sends them flying across the map to wherever the imposter wants, which will lead them becoming dizzy for a while. And if the crewmate hits another crewmate while flying to that destination, their bar will also increase.

    Mini – game:
    Endless running while dodging fireworks. Winner chooses who to vote out.

    When a crewmate has lost all of the fireworks, he can enter school.
    When a crewmate dies of having too many fireworks, he explodes and is expelled by the principal.

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  5. Tricks Dude says:

    What is SSundee trying to do, make a meatball meal for his family?😂

  6. MrRaz Raz says:

    Also, If the children’s health bar goes all the way down, The evil babysitter wins
    But if The children successfully go to their friends house, The evil babysitter loses

  7. LoL says:

    You know it’s a good day when SSundee uploads

  8. VividThoughts says:

    It’s incredible how much effort and energy he puts into each video. I adore it and really hope he’s happy and healthy over all. 🤍

  9. Замбек Тагиров says:

    It’s so hard not to laugh when Zud throws his marble so far at 11:26

  10. LordUnholyGaming says:

    Can we appreciate SSundee and his friends are literally the only people keeping among us alive?

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