Weaklings Try Scottish Strongman Games!!

Weaklings Try Scottish Strongman Games!!

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Hey guys! Who did you think passed the test of strength? Who looked the best wearing a kilt? What other specific culture games should we try to play? Let us know down below!

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45 Responses

  1. Archie R says:

    jfred sounded more like thor than he soundedscottish

  2. LG Chloe says:

    I’m proud Scotsman!!!!! ???

  3. _Daki _ says:

    In five game bryan throw log so far joey isn’t. But on end is draw

  4. ObamaLlama says:

    “Not to high bro you’re showing a little leg” Two seconds later he lifts up his skirt at the camera man

    • Pig Y Bakon says:

      Illyndra my WiFi is bad I’m sorry

    • RainbowRose 769 says:

      Pig Y Bakon what? What is you’re point? I’m so confused! What a hater..

      Can you prove to me again how you were having fun? We all understand there’s age restriction. That’s when they had shorts. You aren’t the first one to notice all of that. I’m sorry.

      Just enjoy the show and have a laugh. Forget about he past and have a laugh. That’s how you have a hard life. You can’t change the past, put team edge changed it so you can rest easy and have a laugh alright? Ok? We can rest easy now? No one can love this video more than me btw.. ?

    • Pig Y Bakon says:

      RainbowRose 769 all of this happened because I misunderstood someone and my WiFi was bad so it posted my comment three times instead of editing it I’m not hating I’m just asking questions and I’m not hating so I’ll go now just realize what’s actually happening

    • AsherahTheCat says:


    • Secret agent randy Beans says:

      It’s a kilt not a skirt

  5. Lil Pacxz Gam1ng says:

    Joey was really focused trying to be Scottish ?

  6. Aiden Robson says:

    Haggis isn’t bad I’m Scottish ????????????????????????????

  7. Rose wolf says:

    Hi team edge can you bring markiplier in yours vidios pliss that whas si funn i miss it

  8. Susan Abraham says:

    You should do something Irish next time .I live in Ireland.

  9. Logan Pearson says:

    Freedom ??????????????????????????????????????????

  10. alec mumpower says:

    Did Bryan say a bad word at 2:03

  11. Anna Nestico says:

    What’s funny is that Kevin is holding the sword by the sharp part???

  12. HALLO MANO says:


  13. XxThe_Phantom_Tracer_GODxX says:

    I had a school project were we had to bring in food from another a country and ne and mh friend did scotland.we brought in haggis and everybody liked it

  14. Shaima I says:

    Kevin is a party pooper, he is wearing jeans under his kilt, no wonder why he didn’t compete

    Jk about the last part

  15. Prasun Guragain says:

    7:50 I paused it so many times. They opened it at the exact same time.

  16. TheRussian Rabbit says:


  17. Aubrey Heinz says:

    Honestly J Fred looked great in a skirt…

  18. Archerpool says:

    Punishment is more like a prize. Haggis is so good.

  19. Leanne McConnell says:

    Team edge I am from Scotland

  20. Superdog 161 says:

    I’m Scottish and I’ve been to the Highland games and haggis is actually nice

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