Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

I found this online dollar store called ShopMissA that sells all their makeup products for $1 and decided I had to try it out! So I replaced my entire everyday makeup routine with $1 makeup products, including foundation, concealer, eye primer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, bronzer, contour, face powder, and lipstick. What do you think? Would you try this?

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62 Responses

  1. Cora LovesGlam says:


  2. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i’m gonna go load up on lipsticks now…. what would you like to see next? xox, saf

  3. Isabel Rachel says:

    The queen of video ideas

  4. Mimi Oang says:

    At 12:15 that grease level is me after a whole day.

  5. Jezz _ says:

    Quality Content

  6. EZE235 says:

    imagine if someone just clicked on the video and heard “butthole coverage” and then they’re like ok…………

  7. Jamie Joy Houck Gatto says:

    I have been “fake shopping” on Shop Miss A for years now. I fill up a cart and never seem to actually fire the trigger. LOL It seems that on any given day at any time of the day or night many, many items are sold out. Makes me wonder if they actually have the full selection, or if they are presenting some things they never had in stock. That would make sense from a marketing POV. Not saying they do this, simply wondering.

  8. Amy Kemp says:

    You should try contacting Caldwell (for sponsorship) and have them style your outfits for a week. They’re a little more put together.

  9. Suga Kookie says:

    Safiya! You’ve done a korean skincare video before, please do one week using korean’s cosmetics like etude house and innisfree! I hope some people will like this comment so Safiya can see because that would be interesting. Tq!

  10. Jungkookie's Kookie says:


  11. Hayate -chan says:

    Is this like a kpop website lol miss A and AOA studio 😂

  12. I have no life Cya says:

    The names AOA and Miss A gives me a lot of feels

  13. Lara Zoe says:

    who now lowkey wants to go on the website and buy stuff?? 🙋🏼🙈

  14. Princess Bree says:

    You should have a child or a toddler pick out your outfits and makeup for a week.

  15. Lalkaxo says:

    this video was actually soo helpful

  16. KProductions says:

    Anyone else want Safiya to test the Romwe clothes?

  17. mariel ivana says:

    God I can’t layer liquid lipsticks it’s the worst feeling ever

  18. AluminumDragon says:

    I have so much makeup and nail polish from Daiso. Not their foundation, though. None of the colors match me at all and that’s something that’s really worth spending a little more on to find what’s best for your skin.

  19. DoreenTheDiva says:

    that sun glow bronzer is literally the highlighter i use everyday

  20. DoreenTheDiva says:

    Also Shop Miss-A has one store in Texas in Grapevine mall so y’all should go :))

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