Weather boi

Weather boi

O nose [Original for all those normies who wish to steal a meme so they can try to have a life and re upload this]

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20 Responses

  1. multichannel says:

    weather boi lives matter

  2. Fireattack142 says:


  3. cherif majdoub says:

    wow, that sounds like something i would say while bullying in high school in the late 90s.

  4. Jar of Milk says:

    lol what the fuck is his expression at the end…

  5. zzz zzz says:

    i never quite understood that yeah bro i would like to know , i just asked :/

  6. sethvicious says:

    weatherboi makes more in a year than that spitfuck will make in any 5

  7. SamFabersham says:

    Kid forgot he wasn’t on the chans

  8. gamer6592 says:

    Would have smacked his little daddy issues ass tbh.

  9. Booger Burps says:

    Weather bois face says it all

  10. Chubachus says:

    Sounds like a line from an 80’s/90’s movie.

  11. Salty Viper says:

    *And just like that 4 years of highschool bullying flashed back to him in the blink of an eye.*

  12. King_of_Connacht says:

    I smell a new meme

  13. Abraham Nixon says:

    In High School everyone called me Weather Boy because I always dressed for rain! Ciao.

  14. Lasmas says:

    It’s scripted and it’s his son..
    Fox News… But funny

  15. Kaptain Kek says:

    kids growing up to become a disrespectful jock AND hes going to get attention from the ladies while I sit here with my gentlemanly demeanor, actually respecting females and I dont even get a second look

    /r/theredpill is real

  16. Ash says:

    Now this is trending content I came for

  17. Fireattack142 says:

    It’s the guys son yeah we know so stop saying ItS tHe GuYs SoN hE wAs NuMbEr OnE

  18. Fatima Adam says:

    This is #1 on trending I’m shook

  19. Hiya, toots! says:

    obviously faked

  20. hdspade says:

    can’t believe people think this is real… that kid is the reporter’s son

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