Websites you should NOT visit 💻 w OnlyJayus – #Shorts

Websites you should NOT visit 💻 w OnlyJayus – #Shorts

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39 Responses

  1. onlyjayus says:

    Should I make a list of cool websites or another one of disturbing websites?

    • HARRISON WELLS says:

      Girl ever streamed into dark web sites
      You should
      Real fun is in that place
      If you got bitcoin too then it will be perfect

    • 3 ASP says:

      Websites like Silk Road

    • Raven Angeldust says:

      @Pro Gamer is a dead meme taint nothing but morbid curiosity all in all a very good read most of those are. You can come to better grips with your own mortality and gain a better understanding of life once you understand how fragile it is. The first one I read was a flight that crashed into a mountain, they thought it was just another day making their descent until it wasn’t. They never saw it coming through the clouds. It really reminds you just how precious your time is here. Plus I already knew about the death clock. High school social studies assignment from way back when

    • Music_Is Therapy says:


    • Nobody_Here says:

      Whats your pc specs

  2. Brandon A says:

    Simulation theory is actually pretty interesting.

  3. R Linnei says:

    My dad was an aircraft engineer and did crash analysis most my childhood. I got STORIES.

    One really sad one was a pregnant co-pilot telling her baby she was sorry and praying, after she told her husband and other child she loved them.

    Childhood was fun.

  4. Milkman Karlson says:

    “If life is a simulation it needs better wifi.”
    -A wise man.

  5. KD says:

    “dont go to this one unless you’re ready to experience an existential crisis”

    oh honey, my whole life is an existential crisis.

  6. luvondarox says:

    I can’t believe Death Date is still up and running. That site has been around since the early 00s.

  7. sussy baka says:

    Jayus: “don’t go to this one unless your ready to go through an existential crisis”
    Me who watches Gabe Sweats: *I have nothing left to lose*

  8. Alister the femboy says:

    Second one with me
    “Are you the big sad”
    “Death within a week”
    “Sounds about right!”

  9. Isaiah Moseley says:

    Jayus: “You probably shouldn’t visit these sites.”
    Me: Visiting the site

  10. 600k challenge with 0 video says:

    This is the most inspiring content I’ve ever seen

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