Weekend Update: Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Paul Pelosi, Kanye West’s Instagram Suspension – SNL

Weekend Update: Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Paul Pelosi, Kanye West’s Instagram Suspension – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Oprah Winfrey endorsing John Fetterman over Dr. Oz.

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46 Responses

  1. CoolBoss999 says:

    I’m glad that SNL is finally keeping Weekend Update together into 1 video instead of splitting it into multiple videos

  2. Can'tBelieveI'mDoingThis says:

    “Undocumented Africans Run Wild in Streets of New York!” Sounds like a real Fox News headline.

  3. Fook Yoo says:

    I appreciate that Che and Colin will throw in a few of their personal jokes towards the other to surprise each other on air. You can’t get this candid anywhere on TV and that’s why it’s truly special.

    • Phil.S says:

      I can’t get through the show to watch them. As the show is a liberal gay kook disaster! Loren should close this production down its over and gotta end sometime.

    • Randy Millhouse says:

      Agreed. If we are obviously different it is better to laugh about it and have fun than to ignore it.

  4. clever username says:

    This was the most savage Weekend Update the boys have done in a long time, BRAVO gentlemen. This was top-tier work

  5. Ganjjabar's Medium says:

    I never get tired of these two reading each other’s scripts 😂😂🙌

  6. ZGiddyX says:

    I love seeing Colin just lean into that persona 😂

  7. Migi Playz says:

    Once again Colin and Michael hitting the ball out of the park with every joke they tell.

  8. B J says:

    This is the type of content that’s keeping SNL alive

    • steve packard says:

      SNL ratings are LOWER than Biden’s!

    • Red Rick says:

      @T-BoNe Murphy was the second worst era of SNL.

    • John C. says:

      SNL is on life support at this point but these 2 actually made me laugh. I was shocked 🤣

    • MissouriPA says:

      Actually this is the kind of content that is sending it to its grave. It’s so one-sided that it’s only funny to people who agree with their politics. To the rest of the country it’s so insulting that it’s downright malicious. In the good ole days everyone could laugh, even at their own expense, because it was more light-hearted rather than just plain hateful. Many times the person they were making fun of would show up unexpectedly & be a part of the show. Like when Will Ferrel did his W Bush impressions, Bush thought it was hilarious, because it was. The point was always to find the actual humor, now the point seems to be to flip the bird & hurl mean-spirited insults at half the country. It’s only funny if you hate your fellow countrymen for disagreeing with you politically. It’s really not super intelligent to alienate half of your potential audience, many of whom used to be fans, and then expect your ratings not to tank, which is exactly what’s happened. People are tired of all the hate-spewing. It’s destroying our country over narratives which are mostly false or grossly exaggerated. And that’s just not funny.

    • Goober says:

      @Scooter McGee they already knocked on fetterman last episode, and lightfoot has repeatedly been ridiculed her whole term. Do you just want them to dedicate the whole weekend update to shitting on democrats? You can go watch Gutfeld! for that, but you and I both know that Gutfeld! and all the other shitty conservative comedy shows below him are nowhere near as funny as Jost and Che.

  9. emanuel martinez says:

    I’m glad Colin has gotten more comfortable with the race jokes on air. In the past he always seemed to hesitate but I guess seeing the positive response of the joke swapping with Che has given him confidence to do similar edgy jokes without fear

    • Himaryous says:

      @Annie Jewkes No. I am genuinely perplexed by that joke.

    • Annie Jewkes says:

      You’re just trying to stir the 💩

    • emanuel martinez says:

      @Himaryous he literally writes jokes like that for him all the time lol Che is supposed to react like that to play up the joke like when Che joked about Scarlett Johansson playing a black woman in an up coming movie, Colin in character gave a look like “really bro? Thats my wife you’re making fun of”. If either of them didn’t like a joke the other said they wouldn’t keep doing it. Besides aside from the Christmas joke swapping episodes they always go over the jokes with each other beforehand and what we see on air is actually the 3rd or 4th time they’ve done the scene that day and Che being a head writer for SNL like Colin can veto any jokes or skits before they air, sure Lorne has the deciding vote as the boss but I’m pretty sure if one of his most senior staff members is uncomfortable with a race joke he wouldn’t just allow it to continue on

    • Himaryous says:

      He said a week or so ago that he considers himself similar to Bill Maher so I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

    • Himaryous says:

      The response was from Che did not look positive to me this time.

  10. TimeBucks says:

    This was the most savage Weekend Update the boys have done in a long time

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