Weekend Update: Goop Staffer Baskin Johns – SNL

Weekend Update: Goop Staffer Baskin Johns – SNL

Goop staffer Baskin Johns stops by Weekend Update to talk about Goop’s products.

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59 Responses

  1. Parker Lennon says:

    omg im so early!! heidi gardner is the BEST on weekend update, so glad she had a character this episode!

  2. emily eddy says:

    Omg Heidi is so good 😭 she needs to be in every weekend update

  3. fiona says:

    This is literally Heidi’s year! She’s in so many sketches now 😀

  4. IWriteSinsNotEssaysOK says:

    The way she said “test them on the staff” with such fear in her voice had me in tears

  5. AhPhoey says:

    @3:29 “You’re gonna make me Goop my pants!! …which….would be an honor, Gwen…..I would love to Goop my pants!!”

  6. Cansu says:

    Heidi is so good in every role she gets 👏🏻👏🏻 she’s a real one

  7. Sofia Gallegos says:

    yo intern uploading these videos: could you please just combine all weekend update vids and upload the full segment?

    • vanityfair001 says:

      I won’t complain because at least they haven’t tried to start charging us to see the content. I’ve got an extra minute or two to click on them. Also if I don’t like that bit it gives me a chance to stop it and move on to the parts that I like.

    • CaptainTinTyrant says:

      Or at the very least just upload them in order?

    • Lori Shaw says:

      You only get ad revenue if the viewer watches a certain percentage of the video. If they grouped them together, it would mean that the viewer would have to sit through multiple stories to qualify for payment. It’s why most youtubers try to keep their videos to around 5-10 minutes – more than that and people lose interest and are more likely to stop before earning any revenue. Also why they like to keep whatever their clickbait is for the end of the video instead of telling you at the start.

    • ItsTrademarked says:

      you would be surprised how much money is in youtube

    • OldRaver1 says:

      I know… pisses me off having to keep clicking back to the episode page to get the next clip!

  8. Gene Burnett says:

    She’s scary good.

  9. CheezitsChrist says:

    Heidi is so perfectly hilariously awkward in all of her sketches. I’m so glad she’s in more of this season- she deserves it.

  10. Daniel Brown says:

    I bet she can do a really good impression of Jennifer Anniston.

  11. Vanna Del Rey says:

    Where’d someone get video of me during presentations in high school

  12. InSu Loves says:

    Looks like teen summer movie critic grew up and got a job at Goop.

    • J.P. Pelzman says:

      Exactly. Gardner is great at portraying these Update characters, but they all seem to have the same arc. Everything’s fine and they then deteriorate into self-doubt, anger, etc. She portrays them very well, but other than the boxer’s gf which was funny the first time (and a bit stale the second), it’s more cringe than laughs. She’s an amazing character actress, but not all of the characters are funny.

    • Lindalee Law says:

      Yes, her cousin Bailey Gismart ….

  13. V. says:

    When Che mimicked her voice, I lost it!

  14. nancy ediagbonya says:

    Please number the Weekend Update vids! Thank you.

  15. Velkhan says:

    This woman is sooo good. Truly talented.

  16. Bonnie Noonan says:

    This gal is a treasure! More, please.

  17. Tae Young Ahn says:

    I bet sixty dollars that Heidi based this character on an actual person.

  18. Leonor S. says:

    Oh i am FULLY in love with heidi gardner

  19. pointlessfailure says:

    She plays the best awkward young white girl

  20. Papa Nick says:

    *Goop’s stocks drop by 6%*

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