Weekend Update: Kim Kardashian – Saturday Night Live

Kim Kardashian (Nicki Minaj) explains her Paper magazine shoot was misinterpreted because the photos were missing the correct background.

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20 Responses

  1. TheDavisfreak says:

    This was so fucking funny lol impressions on point, why are everyone in the
    comment section so depressed, just enjoy the show and stop being a negative
    Nancy. Fucking weirdos :D

  2. Gaby Segura says:

    when Colin touched Nikki’s back I was like OOO Colin what are you tryin to
    do rn

  3. paris steward frelinghuysen says:

    It was good she can work on it… practice can you work on your face no
    cost money!!

  4. SneezeOnU says:

    1:56 I immediately thought of that Nicki line “Incase a bum wanna touch
    me,.. eww” lol

  5. Aww Some says:

    1:56 do you need a wet wipe Nicki? Because I think a bum just touched you

  6. wutangclan1997 says:

    Sounds more like Nicki and looks like Nicki herself. Nasim pulls off the
    Kim impression better, and could be able to do the annoying hi noise

  7. musicbabylove1 says:

    Sounds and looks just like Nicki Minaj to me

  8. Spellbinder says:

    so much cleavage…… what was i saying?

  9. Dashon Hill says:

    Yasss Nicki!!!

  10. ZosiaSamosiaOo says:

    This wig suits her BEST.

  11. Larry Hikaru says:

    Anyone else think Colin Jost’s stare and hand placement (1:57) is a little

  12. Kestela says:

    Nasim Pedrad where r youuuuu?? :)

  13. chumsinsky says:

    I guess everybody in the audience is over Nicki’s music video with the

  14. Andrew Pollard says:

    God that voice is irritating. I’d actually take Nasim Pedrad’s impression
    over this. At least I know it’s exaggerating.

  15. srthatejeep says:

    Man kim is so fucken fine

  16. Amanda Panda says:

    Ok the voice was really annoying but oh my god how did they come up with
    some of that?? Mind blown

  17. Diogo Pedrosa says:

    I never thought somebody would have to cover her boobs a bit more to play
    Kim, I guess I was wrong… 

  18. Truth Winsify says:

    Awful. Shills. Trying to sabotage young minds. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  19. sinister kiid says:

    SNL is dead. Ugh.

  20. Rocky Sanchez says:

    She sucks!!!!!!!! Like fucking 4 real