Weekend Update: LaVar Ball on Big Baller Brand – SNL

Weekend Update: LaVar Ball on Big Baller Brand – SNL

LaVar Ball (Kenan Thompson) stops by to discuss his son Lonzo’s rookie year and Big Baller Brand clothing.

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20 Responses

  1. Air says:


  2. Nate Knops says:

    Black trump

  3. Vikki DC says:

    He’s not black Trump… he actually loves all of his kids

  4. danny schear says:

    i love how they point out how bad he was and how lavar reacts lmao

  5. Andrew Havens says:

    Lavar Ball once counted to infinity twice.

  6. Satya Das says:

    Lavar is a damn good business man though

  7. Saint Shawn says:

    Damn Lavar. U officially famous. U got a skit in SNL. SALUTE!!!!

  8. F Meh says:

    That was honestly a pretty bad impression of lavar

  9. Moon SKeetz says:

    Lavars facial expressions are like a disney villains. This was an awful impression

  10. brandon Austin says:

    Worst snl actor ever cant even stay in character

  11. Calvin Weinstock says:

    I hate snl for promoting Lavar Ball

  12. YoSneeze says:

    FUN FACT – Lavar Ball beat up Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee at the same time 😀

  13. Evan says:

    Aw shit .. 😂😂

  14. Mothman 46 says:


  15. TripleRp says:

    Kenan did okay here because LaVar Ball really is animated. LaVar says some of the most outrageous things I will ever hear, and he says it all so seriously. I watch LaVar Ball’s interviews like “You can’t possibly think that I really believe this?”

  16. jeff kobain says:

    LOL pussy ass snl cast can’t help themselves, had to mention Trump at the end. OUR PRESIDENT, BITCH!

  17. CALMATIC FILMS says:

    The Lavar Ball “SNL” skit was pretty funny, but calling him “Black Trump” was extremely distasteful and shows how easy they turn blacks into villains. How you compare a proud and boastful black father to a lying idiot that doesn’t believe in global warming and is about to start a nuclear war?

  18. renee nunez says:

    lavar is so stupid an childish trying to compair his goods an skill to mj 😒 selling some for 400 smh

  19. Libtard Slayer says:

    Oh great this fucking cancer has returned.

  20. Juan Ellis says:

    That was funny

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