Weekend Update on Donald Trump’s Asia Trip – SNL

Weekend Update on Donald Trump’s Asia Trip – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, including President Donald Trump’s trip to Asia. Claire from HR (Cecily Strong) stops by to discuss sexual harassment.


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65 Responses

  1. 1eeeeegal says:

    weekend update is the reason I watch SNL

  2. Cansu says:

    I literally watch SNL for Weekend Update 😏

  3. Harry says:

    When Orange Twat is overseas, good things happen here. Coincidence?

  4. Harry says:

    β€œDo not underestimate us” says the guy who thinks bing bing bing is a good explanation. smh

  5. 1eeeeegal says:

    She is called the VIRGIN Mary for a reason

  6. N Sa says:

    Cecily Strong is amazing!

  7. Harry says:

    Muslim immigrant terrorizes NYC – We gotta limit immigration and end diversity visa!
    White guy kills 20+ people with guns again – We can’t make gun laws stricter and we have focus on mental health. smh

    • Life In Reality says:

      I personally think our 2nd amendment is the only reason countries like china or russia have never invaded the US. In a civil war the government would not automatically get the military.

      Immigration and gun rights are two completely different things. If you cannot understand the difference between mental health and illegal immigration then you should not comment. They are not the same.

      You can lookup how to make a homemade gun out of common plumbing supplies on youtube. Gun laws will work about as well as the war on drugs. All good, law abiding people will be sitting ducks with your logic.

    • richard metellus says:

      *Cough*the only actual americans were killed and there land stolen from them by foreigners.before you talk about imigrants yall really need to check yourselves .heh especially this middle schooler in office
      “My grandparents didn’t come to America all the way from Germany to see it get taken over by immigrants. Not on my watch”-trump

    • Captain Hiltz says:

      Harry = πŸ‘

  8. dprite1 says:

    George Bush: I looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and saw his soul

    Donald Trump: Vladimir Putin told me he did not meddle in our election, and he believes him.

    You’re Over your head with a former KGB agent

    We do have a mental health issue at the highest level. His name is Donald Trump or as #RocketMan likes to call him, a #Dotard

  9. Buzry Jupro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter says:

    Loved that Nam joke.

    • Vic says:

      I agree, it’s hilarious, because during the Vietnam War, liberals were all in favor of burning draft cards and chanting “Hell no, we won’t go!”, but now they’re putting down Trump for not fighting in the Vietnam War. Funny, funny stuff!

  10. John OBrien Gardener says:

    β€œ Mommy there’s a Sex Monster under my bed β€œ.

    β€œ Well then get back in the closet with your fairy friends β€œ.

    • William Blevin says:

      John OBrien Gardener

      Good day,

      She really said “Go sleep in your sister’s room, I’ll put on your PJ’s & deal with this”.

      Thank you for your time.

    • Uno Dos says:

      “Mommy, there’s a Sex Monster under my bed.” “Oh? Tell the President that mommy could use a pay raise.”

    • mierpub8lam says:

      “Mommy, there’s a Sex Monster under my bed.” “Well shush…..everybody will want one!”

  11. John OBrien Gardener says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save them Lord, for they darn well know exactly what the heck they’re doing!

  12. Daniel Jalomo says:

    President Ms. THANG…


  13. Randy H says:

    β€œSo that’s what you’re going with? Roy Moore was trying to make a Jesus?” πŸ˜‚

  14. Michelle CnΓ© Brown says:

    He was sooo right about the sex monsters. I was like Noooo Kevin😣 , Nooooo Louis😒 Are you assholes serious. And I LOVE their shit. Cut their cocks off and put them back to work!!!!!!

  15. Aliza Lee says:

    George Takei is a real blow for me πŸ™

  16. Simon James says:

    This was hysterical and the jokes were really strong. Cecily Strong also did a wonderful job and I was laughing during her segment.

  17. Henry Stax says:

    “Everyone you’ve ever heard of is a sex monster”

  18. Ro G says:

    Funny that he thinks “old” is insulting, but he doesn’t flinch at “lunatic.”

    • Barbra Smith says:

      Ro G well I️ mean he’s so used to being called a lunatic….seeing as well he’s a lunatic

    • FIRE SIGN says:

      Ro G πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜ WE ALLLL SAID THE SAME THING! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜….
      HE KNOWS!!!!! HE’S A GOT DAMN!…LUNATIC!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜

    • Hungover Garage says:

      Trump never said he was insulted… he said Kim was trying to insult him and most people calling him lunatics are not right in the head so why would he be offended by crazy liberals?

  19. Taeyun Ko says:

    “All of this isn’t just a scandal. It didn’t just start last week. It’s just actual reality for half of the population.”

  20. UnPhayzable says:

    “Everyone you’ve ever known is suddenly a sex monster”
    Ah shit

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