Weekend Update on End of Government Shutdown – SNL

Weekend Update on End of Government Shutdown – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, including Sen. Chuck Schumer agreeing to a deal to reopen the government. Jacob Silj (Will Ferrell) stops by to address President Donald Trump’s comments at the World Economic Forum.

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30 Responses

  1. Lama Hey says:

    I love how he says

    *that’s gotta be awkward*
    And then someone drops something

  2. Armandhammer says:

    How long till Che reminds us he is black? Oh @ 3:20 There it is.

  3. Page Summer says:

    I think the jokes are okay but delivered poorly

  4. LA B says:

    Schumer shutdown

  5. Luis Castillo says:

    Colin Jost is the sexiest man alive!

  6. ur boi mo says:

    Get off my train.

  7. Ella Jill Fine says:

    Tupac looks like a llama. He does. Just look at him. ILLAMAnati confirmed.

  8. Scott Nelson says:

    never did like Ferrell……he’s just not funny…..ruined the skit

  9. Eugene Elkin says:


  10. Zion's World! says:

    Just watched this on TV. ?

  11. tibor de vries says:

    Simply wait taste wadtx evidence until duck you tribal.

  12. Ral Ba says:

    Glad I can fast forward and not waste time with sketches that doesn’t work…

  13. NismoFury says:

    Trump is winning and the looney left can’t stand it so they have to make jokes to get by otherwise they would just cry all the time.

  14. Adriana Ruiz says:

    Plz fallow for fallow

  15. Scot Wendorf says:

    Remember when SNL was funny? 300 trump jokes and a musical act these days.

  16. Save the Toasters says:

    Just…just don’t go to the comment section, people.

  17. Gabe Watson says:

    The episodes that focus mainly on Trump and the government aren’t funny. I don’t like Trump but it just kinda gets annoying, like imagine if every comedian in the world made jokes about the same thing over and over.

  18. Mexican Shannon Sharpe 2⃣3⃣ says:

    #2 trending!

  19. Kyrissaean Dragon'sFlight says:

    Cali is going to raise taxes on businesses that bring money back from overseas. dem want 50% of again money to spend on illegal aliens=consumers punished/wages lost value=more high living/operate cost

  20. trevor sheppard says:

    How to solve immigrantion…. no more immigrants…..tadaaaah!!

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