Weekend Update on Senator Al Franken – SNL

Weekend Update on Senator Al Franken – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, including Senator Al Franken being accused of sexual misconduct. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) stops by.


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84 Responses

  1. Awesomely Sarcastic says:

    “Grab them by the pussy and tits and still be successful”…the moral of the year 2017. Sad year for humanity.

  2. Harry says:

    Republican President and wannabe-senator both reject the accusations and mock the women. Democratic senator gets accused, apologizes and the accuser accepts the apology. I can’t say Democrats are spic and spat clean but I can say for sure, we’re better. We don’t protect these shit-for-brains and try to illogical equalize.
    Anyways, my point is Franken was gross, but Trump and Moore are condoms used to rape girls gross.

    • Ryan Boehm says:

      Oh no hypocrite? Bill clinton! I remember democrats defending him up and down. Not only for having a affair in the Oval Office but also for rapping those women. Then they stood behind Hillary who attacked the women that were raised by her disgusting husband. You can try to polish a turd all you what, but a turd you Libtard hypocrites remain.

    • Olaf GoldenHammer says:

      Ryan Boehm I think you oughta take consideration that there’s a good chunk of people in this comment section and probably even the OP on this thread that were too young to have any opinion on Bill Clinton at the time to even defend him or understand what was going on

    • Ryan Cole says:

      Jordan Roy Moore was barred from a mall over his chasing young girls around, and Trump is ON TAPE bragging that he kisses women without getting consent first, as well as the infamous pussy grabbin’. That’s called evidence, dumb dumb.

    • - Simplicity says:

      Dont protect shit for brains? I must say, beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s what Democrats do best. Commit heinous crimes with evidence to boot, and then gloss over them and still get roaring support. And I must say, I’m impressed.

    • landsurveyorNC says:

      Harry you’re the same ass wipe that was on here last week saying “Fat Women” don’t get raped. Get out of here with your “we’re better” bullshit.

  3. Crimsonite says:

    “In collusion”😂😂😂😂

  4. Harry says:

    So…. the wall that was said to have Mexicans pay for are being built with our money, the healthcare they promised to fix were fucked up so bad they failed twice and tax reform which they said would help is gonna fuck up all middle/lower class. Can I interest you Trumpsters in a $100000 vase that’s actually $5 with a tacky Trump sticker on it?

  5. Tyg Rahof says:

    Frankin was kicking their asses so all of a sudden he is an assaulter? Bullshit. And I have some property to sell west of S.F….

  6. Harry says:

    Everyone, please contact your senators to call out bullshit on this tax reform bill. Look, we have political and societal division *but good healthcare and tax are something everyone should get behind regardless of party and so far, we’ve stopped two fucked up Healthcare and we can stop a bullshit tax plan.*

    • waterandafter says:

      Doesn’t matter if we have health insurance or not, the one law that never changed is the one where the ER is required to treat anyone that comes in (whether you are treated well is up for debate, and since everyone has had insurance for the past 7 years and they still get crap treatment sometimes then insurance really doesn’t matter) so all we all need to do is get rid of our insurance (employer coverage as well) and just overwhelm the ERs.
      Then I bet we get universal coverage not long after.

    • Nj Osborne says:

      James Russell and if your state has better healthcare, can I sign up use yours? You seem to know nothing about the interstates commerce.

    • James Russell says:

      Nj Osborne No you over-assuming prick. If you are a resident of a certaon state AND recieving state funded healthinsurance you would only be able to use that insurance within their state, no matter how “crappy” it may be. If you want access to another state’s healthcare, either purchase your own insurance or recieve it via employer (the better option) or MOVE TO A DIFFERENT STATE.
      We are talking about policies that don’t even exist as of yet you stupid prick. These are just my proposed policies, the main objective being to let everyone get what they want. If YOU support government-funded health insurance or YOU want that insurance, then YOU should move to a state that supports those policies. Likewise if you do NOT support those social programs, then move to states that want no part of it. Better yet, states could elect to have certain amounts of public-funded healthcare. I just don’t believe that the Federal Government is capable or qualified to ensure that every US citizen has health insurance.
      I personally see nothing wrong with my “everybody fucking wins” idea, but then again I have only been known to be a rationally-minded person so I can see how someone like you might disagree. Anyway about it, I don’t care.

    • Windfield Scott says:

      Socialist governments like Holland have socialised health care. Holland was voted best place to live on this here planet earff.The woman from Holland said: I have no co pay or payment anxiety whatsoever, so I use my extra time to take a walk in the forest. Socialized medicine won’t work in the u.s.?? MULE FRITTERS!! Just like conservatives said that an integrated armed forces will never work.conservatives are the only entity that never works in our country , in many ways.

    • Paradise says:

      But my senator is Al Franken…

  7. Tone Riggz says:

    The R. Kelly, Civil Rights Act and Entourage jokes 😂

  8. crystal delancey says:

    Kate McKinnon! I love her version of possum Jeff Sessions.

  9. Porsche Collector says:

    My only source of news on the weekend!

  10. akaElleLatham says:

    In the interest of being fair and balanced, Hillary Clinton said she couldn’t recall anything that happened with her private server in her testimony to the FBI and also brought up her concussion in 2012 as an excuse to why she didn’t.

    • waterandafter says:

      Regan also couldn’t recall meetings about the iran-contra affair.

    • Gowtham Sundar says:

      akaElleLatham I’m a liberal I don’t trust Hillary what so ever. The moment she said that everyone knew she was guilty and this same bullshit with Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions

    • manthony225 says:

      Meanwhile Trump uses an unsecured smartphone to view and discuss classified information but that’s ok ?

    • NessOnett8 says:

      “In the interest of being fair and balanced” that was one response over the course of 9 investigations that spanned a year and a half. Sessions said ‘i don’t recall’ over 50 times in the span of 2 hours.

      But yeah, both EXACTLY THE SAME T_T

      You people are getting even more pathetically ridiculous with your false equivalency.

    • You & Me says:

      Jordan just for shits and grins info, Daddy Bush and Cheney reportedly deleted a private server with an estimated 22 million emails. Just sayin.

  11. Zoel Edwards says:

    Wasn’t Al Franklin was on SNL at first, I just want to know.

  12. Simon James says:

    Che and Colin are just so good at this! And Colin I had no idea your eyebrows were fake, I really couldn’t tell.

  13. gabby says:

    lol did anyone else notice 4:55

  14. Agent Purple says:

    Che hates liberals and conservatives and yet spends more time directing jokes and insults toward the conservatives. I don’t get it. Liberals are portrayed as the Heroes why would conservatives are portrayed as the villains in the media. When truthfully there is evil on both sides. I don’t think anybody is truly evil but fact of the matter is neither one of them is perfect. Liberals are not always good guys and conservatives are not always the bad guys.

    • CreeperCrafter63 says:

      Agent Purple social conservatives at the very least have never been right on any major issue in American history.

    • NessOnett8 says:

      You’re arguing that a high school bully and Vlad the Impaler are the same because they’re both ‘bad guys.’ This false equivalency where you let one side do whatever they want no matter how bad it is, and justify it by saying “the other side isn’t perfect, so they’re identical” is the reason this country is in shambles. You’re contributing to the problem. And you either know that and are purposely trying to sabotage the United States, or you’re exceedingly stupid.

    • Adrian Myers says:

      TheRico725 protecting the 2nd and 1st amendment unlike some people.

    • You & Me says:

      Gummy Bugz Fox Not News is the televised version of the Enquirer.

  15. blaze5053 says:

    I do not recall. 😂😂

  16. pop5678eye says:

    Democrats: condemn the action, even if it’s their own party. Republicans: condemn the party (but only if it’s democrats) then make excuses for the action if it’s one of their own…

    • carol Lund says:

      +Mike Williams Yes and he was impeached for it, what more do you want? How many men do you know admit to having an affair? . I personally don’t care for cheating men but it was nobody’s business in the first place. In Europe we rolled over laughing at American’s puritanism. Nobody cares here who sleeps with whom if it is consensual. Like none of those Senators ever cheated on their wives? What a bunch of hypocrites. Clinton was put in a position he never should have been put in in the first place and was forced to humiliate his wife in public. Kennedy cheated on Jackie all the time, all his aides knew about it but they were discreet because it is nobody’s damn business. A husband and wife should be able to work out their own problems, even the president and first Lady. What a bunch of dopes, paying attention to matters that have nothing to do with running a country.

    • Spectacular Spider-Man says:

      *cough cough Bill Clinton*

    • Revoltingsheeple says:

      *Spectacular Spider-Man* *cough cough* HE WAS IMPEACHED YOU SILLY CUNT. WHAT ABOUT TRUMP? *cough cough*

    • Itchy Balls says:

      pop5678eye Damn I hope you die a horrible painful death

  17. Michael Finner says:

    As gross and outrageous the Roy Moore accusations are, he is still innocent until proven guilty. Al Franken on the other hand, clear pictures projecting his wrongdoing. Not completely a fair comparison. In no way take this as defending Moore. He needs to go all the same. They’re all perverted assholes!

    • NessOnett8 says:

      Even if you ignore that the picture clearly shows there was 0 contact, and thus no actual wrong-doing…she already admitted that she consented and posed for that photo after the photographer put her on blast for lying.

    • John Gault says:

      Clorox Bleach and your opinion isn’t actually worth hearing. I can’t imagine anyone paying you for your opinion as part of their planning, just prosecution.

    • John Gault says:

      Conor Kelly seriously? Only heard the accuser is motivated for political reasons, in Europe. That story didn’t make it.

    • Jane Bute says:

      Not a court of law. And really, that isn’t even an argument

  18. Todd Davis says:

    SNL what in the hell is your problem? You’re going to pile on this obvious political hit job? That drama bitch has on a flack jacket and you can see he’s not even touching her. Way to throw one of your own under the bus and being as snowflake as fuck.

  19. Randy H says:

    “How do poor people keep getting catfished into voting republican?” 😂😂😂 yesss

    • Liza Tanzawa says:

      Matt Schneider “Obamacare” was a GOP program! Romney started it when he was Mass. Governor! WE NEED SINGLE PAYER NOW!!! Why do we NEED insurance companies?!?!

    • Liza Tanzawa says:

      tpsu129 the thing is, once the baby is born, YOU GUYS DON’T CARE!!!!

    • All hail to Medusa says:

      Jesse True equality ? You must be kidding. They just want to sweep discrimination under the rug. Republicans are the most racist, bigoted individuals to ever walk earth.

    • aadsfdfhg gcftfuyf says:

      Anthony Cruz Anthony Cruz 1) Fuck pro choice people
      2) The most affordable birth control system are condoms.
      3) Most people didn’t wanted to be forced to pay for health care back when Obama proposed it and they don’t want it now. In fact Obama care was only good for the poorest of the poor. The middle class and upper middle class got worst health care than they had before and more expensive.
      4) Nobody is taking money from schools. In fact the schools that are getting more money are majority black schools that are in bad areas because they need security, camera systems and metal detectors to keep a secure atmosphere so I don’t know wtf you are talking about.

  20. ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

    Where did the possum joke come from? Possums are waaaaayyyyy cuter than Jeff Sessions.

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