Weekend Update: Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham – SNL

Weekend Update: Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham – SNL

Oprah Winfrey (Leslie Jones) and Stedman Graham (Chris Redd) discuss Winfrey possibly running for president.


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53 Responses

  1. Mr. Sir says:

    I love the stuff how Leslie Jones acts.

  2. Xavier Cooke says:

    Yall made a vid on my bday life is complete now

  3. R3drift says:

    Bernie for president

  4. Steph Stautz says:

    I was staring at Colin’s stray hair the entire time.

  5. MrCasual11 says:

    Leslie messing up her lines again as usual.

  6. stephieirene1 says:

    Leslie has been killing it this season. She’s not perfect, and this is far from her best performance, but I think she’s gotten a ton better this season.

  7. Tlotus says:

    He is far too energetic to play Oprah’s Sho’nuff Stedman. Leslie killed it ‘tho.

  8. danielthesantos says:

    Does anybody remember Idiocracy? Just a few more turns and it will only be wrestlers and porn stars who run for president.

  9. James Batten says:

    Oprah hasn’t ran for anything since McDonald’s offered a two for one McRib special.

  10. Tammy V says:

    Leslie didn’t crack? I’m shaking she’s changed so much lol. Im loving her this season!

  11. Emily Gee says:

    Ok, I don’t even have to explain why liberals supporting her thought of running for President is really hypocritical. But i do understand where y’all are coming from, if y’all are just still crying about Trump winning and not being impeached yet, and thinking of Oprah becoming President gives you hope so you can whip away your tears, then go right ahead and dream.

  12. TBA says:

    Stedman Graham, future First Manbitch.

  13. tralfama dorian says:

    Leslie is so weak compared to other cast members. She had some charm few seasons ago. Now she looks unprepared all the time. And it hurts.

    • 715490 926 says:

      tralfama dorian they keep her there to be the stereotypical loud black woman. Sasheer is so much better but they won’t use her as much.

    • tralfama dorian says:

      715490 926

      I also liked Sasheer a lot more. She was waaaaay more talented. Unfortunately she isnt on SNL anymore.

  14. Andrew DeZanek says:

    I haven’t seen a skit where Leslie doesn’t mess up now..

  15. Katie Cross says:

    “At least 3 of y’all get paninis” ??

  16. Ali Reza says:

    Leslie did a really good Oprah

  17. I Thought You Might Like This says:

    When Leslie smiles, she looks like Miss Oprah. Pretty.

  18. Linda Casey says:

    Well, she couldn’t do any worse than the (fill in the blank) occupying that position right now. I know for certain that the first order of business would be to change the educational system in America. We’ve been dumbed down for far too long.

  19. Obey Amma says:


  20. Nancy Desch says:

    Oprah will not run for President.

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