Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw – SNL

Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to apologize for his comments about Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw.

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73 Responses

  1. Bonnie S. says:

    I am no fan of Pete Davidson, but what he and the producers of SNL did was show public figures how to apologize.
    You don’t write a tweet. You don’t read a prepared statement into a camera lens. You step up and admit you were wrong. And not so that you’ll feel better, but so that the people you harmed might feel a little better.
    And yes, it was obviously planned and rehearsed, but only so Dan Crenshaw might feel a little more comfortable.
    And in the end, Pete couldn’t do anything but look into Dan’s remaining eye, shake his hand, and take his medicine.
    And now, maybe Representative Crenshaw can show the rest of our “leaders” in Washington how grown-ups act.
    _[ Edited per A Sojourner’s comment below. ]_

  2. Karen Villanueva says:

    probably the best skit from SNL for this entire year.

  3. Yuki says:

    I don’t like pete and I’m a centre right guy but you gotta respect what he did

  4. Danny Bowen says:

    The original comment was insensitive, but the guy never really got offended.. a lot of people did, and still are below, but the reality is its ok to say offensive things.. its a great learning opportunity and I’m sure Pete learned a few things from this. Its tough to eat crow, no one has to, but when you do it needs to be respected.

    • ChiliContestWinner says:

      Only Republicans got offended but they didn’t get offended when Trump said I like veterans that were not captured. Imagine if Pete said I like Veterans that didn’t lose an eye. Also, Pete is a comedian and was making fun of all the candidates. Trump was a presidential candidate when he made his remark.

    • lol lol lol lol lol lol says:

      +ChiliContestWinner I even once read a trump supporter once say “McCain just needs to grow up and stop acting like a snowflake”. That was his pathetic defense of Trump’s rhetoric. You know, Trumptards/Republicans seem to love calling themselves the party that respects the military and war veterans. They love calling themselves the party that “respects the people that fight and die for our freedoms while the Democrats fight for terrorist Syrian Muslim refugees”. Yet, despite this, they support a pussy grabbing, draft dodging orange fascist cunt who claims that a soldier that gets captured isn’t a war hero at all, just because that war hero doesn’t bow down to their fascist annoying orange cunt of a president. Trump isn’t a man who “values American values and patriotism”, He’s just a bullshit nationalistic Right winger who’s so fucking insecure whenever someone is critical him. Any Christian, soldier, or anyone that values conservative values would never support trump.

    • lol lol lol lol lol lol says:

      +ChiliContestWinner I thought the joke was funny at first but now I realize that it was insensitive, disrespectful, and one where many people didn’t share my sentiments, but one where MAYBE people overreacted to. I’m glad Pete Davidson apologized and admitted that joke was wrong, but I do feel that some people may have been more offended than they needed to be. Honestly, if I was a war veteran, I’m not sure I would consider it seriously insensitive, although I’m not sure how I would react if the joke was directed at me. Well, what do I know? Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. Jonathan Lane says:

    As a veteran, comedy is fine. It’s funny. They went back and forth. Jokes are jokes. Any veteran will tell you the same. This was handled with a military sense of humor and people should let it go. Jokes are jokes. Well done, battle. Happy Veteran’s day. One team one fight. Never Forget!

  6. Sade' Watson says:


  7. JuliAnne Berry says:

    Wow. The first time I’ve ever really enjoyed SNL. This was great

  8. Stoned Prophet says:

    We are ALL Americans. This is what it’s all about: forgiveness.

  9. Breeze Dorling says:

    The icing on the cake was the Ariana Grande song Pete Davidson ringtone

  10. fab love says:

    Who else rewatched the ringtone part


    SNL raised the bar for well… everything right now.

  12. bethelshiloh says:

    Dan Crenshaw. Class act. This whole incident made him shine.

  13. Wandering Lens Media says:

    Honoring Pete’s father like that was a beautiful act of kindness. Something the world needs more of.


    Meanwhile the very president od the USA is yet to apologize properly for insulting John McCain. It’s not about politics, it’s about respect… what times we are living in.

    • Doc Lee says:

      SUPERSONICCULEBRA Yeah, liberals only love the Republicans that hate Trump…ever notice that? Ever notice who is on CNN? Flake and Corker. LOL. The Left hated Comey until Trump fires him. Now, liberals are concerned and upset Trump fired Sessions. Did you watch these damn liberals during the Sessions confirmation hearing? Hahaha. The same ones now. It’s so ludicrous. We just laugh at you.

    • Dra O says:

      SUPERSONICCULEBRA and SNL continues to poke fun at a President that has and will continue to do many good things for people. Baffling, huh?

    • John W says:

      You will soon learn why and understand.

  15. Tyler Aidie says:

    4:16 “your a good man”

  16. Alex says:

    This is what more Americans need to do. We don’t have to agree on a goddamn thing, but we can treat each other with respect and show some humility.

    • SV Amandolin says:

      and realize the news stations now just antagonize. Each side has their station who act like those kids in Jr. High that yell “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT” to egg on confrontation. I think we are all getting exhausted from it.

    • pearlshaynea says:

      Agreed, Alex!

    • TheDvanlen10 says:

      So true. It’s sad that young people will not know a time in America when you could differ politically but not be attacked personally for your beliefs. The political climate went downhill with Obama and fell off a cliff with Trump.

    • Dra O says:

      Like SNL does our President? SNL has no respect. Stopped watching years ago – and their viewership continues to crumble.

  17. tim kat says:


    • Doc Lee says:

      tim kat How are you people this stupid? It takes a real man not to have to apologize. How are you liberals so damn stupid.

    • Sara Horstman says:

      It also takes a real man to serve in the military and come home with only one eye, and fight for a seat in the US government. Not to mention it takes a real man to go on a show that publicly made fun of him and accept their apology.

  18. Kalyn & Robert says:

    That was classy SNL. Good job

    • Doc Lee says:

      Yeah, that was so classy. Imagine how classy it would have been if they never mocked a veteran that sacrificed so much for idiots like SNL. Imagine how classy that would have been. But you ignorant fools are too stupid to see reality.

    • Md. Sazzadul Islam Bhuyian says:


    • Doc Lee says:

      Dresden219 Bring everyone together? Idiotic liberals and hateful SNL makes millions with hate and divisiveness. Don’t pretend they were bringing people together. The time for all of us to come together is over. Civil War is coming to America. Get used it.

    • Steve Bo says:

      The navy seal should have punched this turd.

    • Bhamski Bam says:

      Kalyn & Robert
      sorry is always classy….
      Know what else is classy, not doing anything that requires an apology

  19. dwsheffer says:

    Pete was visibly moved at the end as the cameras panned back…..I don’t think he was expecting that his father would be mentioned.

    • mikecantreed says:

      They do a dress rehearsal beforehand were they run through a long form version of the show. So yea he knew it was coming

    • Will Smith says:

      He makes jokes in his standup about his dad being dead all the time. It’s not really a sensitive subject for him.

    • AnimeLuver605 says:

      mikecantreed i dont think the part with his dad was rehearsed, you can tell by the way his face changed that he was about to cry, they add things in randomly throughout the show so i wouldnt be surprised if that was one of them

    • John W says:

      +mikecantreed , perhaps they rehearsed the skit, but not that part. you see it in Pete’s face. And again when he turns to Dan and thanks him.

    • Sharay's Corner says:

      It looked like Pete was trying to follow along on the cue cards

  20. Fraggle Rock Moonwalk says:

    Ah yes, it feels like the good old days, when we cleared the air quickly, buried the hatchet, and moved on….

    …..can we go back to doing it like this again? It feels inherently right. Way better than doubling down and digging in. That’s how we “make America great again”, we remember we’re all in that struggle called life and simply want to be happy, healthy and safe. Kudos.

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