Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Colin Kaepernick – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Colin Kaepernick – SNL

Pete Davidson discusses why Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been hired by any NFL teams.

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20 Responses

  1. Chief says:

    Pete rocking the supreme

  2. redwoodcc says:

    Pete is underrated. Great work

  3. Alvicbar says:

    Hypebeast Pete Davidson

  4. Paula K says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand…Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem, kneeling is still a sign of respect. He didn’t spit on, stomp on, or burn the flag. He didn’t even turn his back on the flag. And he gets all kinds of disrespect. But during his rally, trump doesn’t even MENTION 10 American sailors who lost their lives last week, and no one blinks an eye at that. WTF?

  5. John OBrien says:

    Jimi Hendrix’ cover of our national anthem is the only version worth bumping.

  6. DarkKing009 says:

    Colin Kaepernick is at least a backup NFL QB

  7. Tommy Litch says:

    100% agree with everything, except for the “sign Colin Kaepernick” part. Do you realize that HE was the one that opted out of HIS player contract to become a free agent? He’s not a good QB anymore, but I totally get the message that the NFL is sending. I don’t hate Colin, I’m glad he took a stand/knee, whatever it may be. But it’s not the NFL that just “gives” the guy a spot on a roster.

  8. Ronald Pegues says:

    Let Kapp Play!!

  9. Durodes Duvo says:

    *Thanks for pointing out that Colin Kaepernick ISNT A GOOD QUATERBACK.*

  10. Hydrasaur says:

    And frankly, Pete’s right. the fact that Kaepernick isn’t being hired isn’t because he’s controversial, it’s because he’s a crappy player. You can be controversial and crappy at the same time, just look at the President.

  11. Lee Murdock says:

    Kudos to him for standing against hate.

  12. Scott Sargeant says:

    That kid is hilarous! More of Pete Davidson, SNL!

  13. Darylifill Ifill says:

    This is How White Supremacy Works Colin Kaepernick needs to be a Quarterback

  14. John Smith says:

    Let me get this straight…this is supposed to be comedy ??…

  15. Ledy Gaga says:

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  16. T Frey says:

    The POS still doesn’t get it, by kneeling during the anthem, you dis our troops, past & present. So Fuck you, your not worthy of that nice fat paycheck you WERE getting. Go Fookin flip burgers!

  17. Lawrence Bader says:

    … I love the National Anthem.
    Listen, that anthem, as poor as it is (musically and lyrically) means something to me, and I’m sure it does to many others too (BTW, in my opinion, “America the Beautiful” would make a much better anthem. Just go listen to Ray Charles’ version. Majestic!).
    As flawed and fucked up, and as messed up a history that these United States has, I still am grateful to God that I was born here.
    Most of us seem to take our liberties for granted. We also take the fact that many men and women have put their lives on the line so that I,for one, can sit on my fat ass here in my nice home, comment on some stupid YouTube video, and not be concerned about any of the dangers and atrocities that occur in other countries.
    We do have a racism problem in these United States. No doubt. No thanks to that orange buffoon in the White House, this problem has become more evident.
    There are bad police officers out there, and bad police stations, captains, etc. that need to be exposed, stopped, and punished. I agree with all of that.
    BUT is anybody talking about that!? NO.
    What we are talking about is how pissed off some of us get when million dollar athletes decide to take a knee to an anthem and a flag that represents so much more than thug cops that need to be put in jail.
    Some of us feel that if you kneel or sit during the anthem, you are as good as spitting in the face of everything American. And no we don’t buy your, “we’re just protesting the violence”.
    THEN GO protest outside the White House, Capitol Hill, your local police headquarters, your city Council meeting etc.
    You kneel or sit to get a rise out of the rest of us. Protests are supposed to be disruptive! They are supposed to offend in order to draw attention. But again, go protest in front of the face of a cop if you feel that way.

  18. Kane Hearst says:

    How are you a “half jew” Jewish is a religion not a race. You can’t be half Muslim half Catholic. Did he mean half Israeli? Or is he just stupid?

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