Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Living with His Mom – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Living with His Mom – SNL

Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to talk about living with his mother.

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82 Responses

  1. Mione134 says:

    Yes!!! I love this. Pete and his Mom have been through a lot. Family is everything. Love you, Pete!

    Also its hard out here for us 20 somethings to move out. We’re all poor ?

    • Casey Anthony says:

      Mid 30s, about to become a ‘Supervisor’. Still living with mom. Also not partying and buying expensive stuff. Not everyone makes $120k. These companies really hoard the money.
      I question if my gf even makes $52k because she needs help with her living expenses.
      Affordable housing and better wages would be nice.
      I mean I make enough money to live on my own technically, if I wanted to be poor, but I have to work 60 hours a week. How does one shop for a house with the remaining time?

    • Jayme Sigler says:

      I moved back in with my mom because I left an abusive marriage and was pregnant. Now she stills works and I get to stay home and raise my son because she’s amazing.


      Lone Wolf Your a good son man I don’t even know you but I’m proud of you

    • Laramie Lewis says:

      Someguy Anonymous did I’m going to call bs a little on your biography. How did you make 12k a year at 15? You can’t work full time hours and from all your accounts I imagine that had to be over 10 years ago lower min wage and I believe most states would have had labor laws against you working past a certain amount of time, not to mention school. I’ve worked with many high school kids and not 1 of them would have been making 12k. I would say you would be doing good to make 6k a year at 15. Just remember just because you make 125k a year now that doesn’t mean it will last forever and you can easily become someone that you look down on now. I’ve also known many military vets who were trained on things in the military but can’t get that job in the civilian life without going back to school. Point being just because you make that much doesn’t mean that you just have to have a can do attitude and you can do it too. I work 55hours a week and I just got up to 35k. Would love to know what kind of job you got without a college education that pays you 125k a year or one that even just starts you out at 40k a year with only military history and a job you had in high school? My thought somebody set you up well to succeed because that kind of shit doesn’t happen for most people

    • D G says:

      +Laramie Lewis lol you don’t even make 40k a year in the military until your 3-4 years in (or your an officer) that guy is full of shit

  2. Leonaza7 says:

    Colin – “Pete, what do you guys have in plan for tomorrow?”
    Pete – “What do you Mean? I put her on TV this is it. ??

  3. ScarlettP says:

    At least Pete isn’t afraid to let everyone know he lives with his mom LoL, he doesn’t give 2 f’s ?

    • Brandon S says:

      That’s his whole schtick bro. losers always act like they don’t give a f***.

    • Brandon S says:

      +Nico Crestmere no sorry bro. Most people roommate with friends or peers. I bring girls over. You must not.

    • Nico Crestmere says:

      +Brandon S Do you bang those girls in the living room while your roommates watch or do you take em to your room? Late. After you did most of the socializing and partying out.

    • MoJo says:

      He should be with AG….but he blew it somehow

    • Rebekah Moore says:

      Mojo Pin I think the problem is with those that never move away from their parents house at all. Like, even for a year. If you move out then go back, I think it’s different. There’s a lot of growth and learning that people need to do away from home first.

  4. Jezdamayel Caster says:

    I live with my mom. That is not a bad thing.

    • Benji Wyatt says:

      I think the stigma is going away slowly because we’re all so poor. But seriously, the idea that people should move out at 18 was ridiculous from the first place. I’m glad I’m from a culture that doesn’t expect that sort of stuff- and honestly, I stop caring about people’s opinions much when I learn that they judge people for that. There are a whole lot of reasons for people to live with their parents for a while as adults.

    • R. Whitaker says:

      +Benji Wyatt in other countries, it’s the norm. People help their parents and grandparents.
      It’s not uncommon for three generations of family to live together in Asian societies.

    • Mr. H says:

      I grew up in a farming area. You might have 4 generations living on the farm. It was great. Families like each other.

    • jeff ghant says:

      It’s not bad staying with your parents unless they don’t want you there.

    • Mira Figueira says:

      when i was a junior in high school my parents packed my shit up and kicked me out. so i lived with my friends mom who is a doctor and she gave me a job at her office. now that i’m in college i got my own place and my parents let me visit them which is nice.

  5. moonwalkingthroughlife says:

    Pete and his mom are the cutest ☺️

  6. Ro G says:

    “You’d settle for a ninja turtle!”
    There’s definitely a story there. ???

    • mountain boy says:

      He said “i just need a dad” lmao

    • Timothy Goulah says:

      His father died in the 9-11 attack, seriously. It used to be in part of his stand up act.

    • Peter Ordinary says:

      Timothy Goulah that doesn’t mean she didn’t choose a couple losers after his passing

    • Katie A. says:

      Pssh! what girl wouldn’t fall for a Ninja Turtle?! They’re funny, intelligent, muscular, they like helping people out, and most importantly they love pizza!

      And you might say, “but Katie they live in a sewer”
      And I would reply. “And how is that different from any other man cave?”

      Plus have you ever seen the size of a turtle’s male parts? Sure it looks like somebody ran over a huge mushroom or like he’s got a Stingray slant swimming out of his shell… .. but the size in relation to the rest of his body? .. I mean I’ve only seen nature videos but some kind of Mutant Ninja Turtles got to have some major game… js.

      wait.. I took it too far didn’t I???
      ?‍♀️ oh well while y’all are judging me I’m going to watch the 90s Ninja Turtle movie that has a guest appearance by Vanilla Ice and contemplate the true meaning of turtle power while he’s singing “go ninja go ninja go”

    • Jessamyn Rose says:

      Katie A. Seriously, like we all know which Ninja Turtle we would date.

  7. Parida Snapesnapesnape says:

    2:48 this is *too precious* y’all

  8. mykaela sandigo says:

    pete looks healthy wtf

  9. icytea5 says:

    You will settle for a Ninja turtle I need a dad?

  10. Sarah Surowka says:

    That lil “that was great” & hug at the end was so cute.

  11. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot says:

    Pete and his mom DEFINITELY have to play Michael Anthony and his mom when Desus and Mero make that movie. Real ones will get this. #BodegaHive

  12. Hannah Fischer says:

    “Wow, that guy must have his own place.”

  13. fotogeek96 says:

    Pete’s mom: “Happy mothers day collin!”
    *collin laughs in confusion*
    Pete: “hey man be nice that’s my mom!!”
    TOO precious! She is GORGEOUS by the way!

  14. Josephine McCarthy says:

    You’d settle for a ninja turtle I just need a dad.

  15. MonSTAR says:

    Living w/your parents in your 20’s??
    **the Latino community has entered the chat **

    • RosaH says:

      *Asian community entered the chat*

    • Jeffery Scott says:

      in the US the most important thing i guess is moving out. its a very individualistic and corrupt society. its better in the eye of an american to work for an oil company causing oil spills and getting paid tons of money than to struggle.

    • Rosalie Dear says:

      College kids have entered the chat

    • Amanda Ly says:

      Asians coming into the group chat haha*

    • Prajeth Nagaraja says:

      I believe the Indian community also does this. It’s kinda part of our culture for several generations to live together. Not sure about other Indian Americans though, but it’s something my relatives back in India still practice

  16. crazymonstergirl says:

    Pete just brought a house. He lives in the basement, and his mom lives in the rest of the house, enjoying all of the other rooms. He’s a good son to her.

  17. Hel Luna says:

    That sweater is everything, I think that was the real mother’s day gift

  18. Katie M says:

    This was so wholesome in the most Pete Davidson way possible!

  19. Ashley Alhadeff says:

    Awww:). He mouthed “you did it!” At the end and then gave her a huge hug. That was so sweet to watch!

  20. SKY Y says:

    i loveeee mama davidson’s new york accent ??? it’s so comforting + makes me so happy.

    “hi cawlin. happy muthas day”

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