Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on the Met Gala – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on the Met Gala – SNL

Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to discuss the 2021 Met Gala.

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53 Responses

  1. Ike Moore says:

    Pete’s one of those people who when I see him..i want him to continue to succeed in life. God bless you Pete!

  2. Auke Jorrit says:

    That Norm shirt was a nice touch

  3. MeltedCow says:

    They say comedians aren’t suppose to laugh at their own jokes, but Pete cracking himself up is half the fun

    • vincentvangogodancer says:

      He’s laughing because he’s heard the jokes before.

      Don Rickles would say that and he slayed.

    • Tmanaz480 says:

      Norm did it all the time.

    • Sam Belcher says:

      @Fat Freddy’s Cat It was Sanz who cracked up at himself all the time. Fallon cracked up at other people

    • Rachel Frumkin says:

      Dennis Miller always used to laugh at his own jokes. I think people dislike when Jimmy does it because it seems disingenuous. With Pete you can tell he really liked that one like he forgot he wrote it and surprised himself with the punchline.

    • Dayanara Ryelle says:

      They dinged Drew Lynch for doing that on AGT, but I thought it was adorable every time he got so excited that he just started giggling.

  4. Zeke Jordan says:

    Okay that was cool/sweet that Pete Davidson honored another fellow SNL alumni, Norm McDonald, as shirt. R.I.P Norm McDonald

    • kinseliplier says:

      @sfmike711 how in the fuck is it not a problem. Communism is the worst. Russia and China are communist countries and there people are slaves to there governments. America is slowly becoming communist but is still partly democrat for now. were all fucked. Lol

    • Skip ads says:

      @kinseliplier: Russia’s a communist country? Did you fall asleep in 1988?
      Russia has been a full on capitalist country with poverty, murder, and the mob for over 30 years.

    • kinseliplier says:

      @Skip ads no dumbass Russia never stopped being communist. They have always been communist. Capitalist is basically the same thing as communism and Russia still treats there people like true commies.

    • Ruby Rayne says:

      @kinseliplier Pete doesn’t care about politics, he’s not a communist. But there are ppl who believe in communism in the US but they also don’t know what real communism is like. It also doesn’t function in a capitalist system, the two are diametrically opposed. Capitalism, the trade and industry are controlled by private owners (as oppose to the state). Communism is all controlled by the stare. Also Russia is not a communist country now. It’s a federal republic. Cuba is still communist so that’s a better example.

  5. anahidpm says:

    He also looks like Kronk and Izma when they’re going down to the lab in emperor’s new groove

  6. batgurrl says:

    RIP Norm MacDonald. Lovely way to sneak that in. Your droll sense of humor is already misssd❤️

  7. Parker Compton says:

    Thinking of the jokes norm would’ve made about Pete’s dress when he was on update “well the met gala was this last month and unfortunately for the viewers both Pete and that dress came out of the closet to be there”

  8. Chandra says:

    Pete was really on a roll tonight. These were some back to back HILARIOUS one-liners

  9. Sidrat J says:

    Pete’s tribute was subtle with a punch… This guy is underrated as hell. Besides the t-shirt, Pete did justice to Norm’s trademark Uncle stories/jokes – check out Norm’s talkshow interviews with Conan for a few samples. Damn Pete, damn.

  10. Matthew Tavares says:

    That line about the 80s being the most homophobic and gayest era in history is next next level

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