Weekend Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the RNC – SNL

Weekend Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the RNC – SNL

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kate McKinnon) stops by the Republican National Convention to chat with Colin Jost and Michael Che.

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20 Responses

  1. Ian MacDonald says:

    That planned parenthood comment was hilarious

  2. Atina Sohraby says:

    Yas Kate ????

  3. Ιερώνυμος Κόραξ says:

    Is she gay?…cause I’d like to know if I have a chance with her at

  4. TrickyLover says:

    SNL is back?

  5. Chris McGowan says:

    pure bs

  6. Kate McKinnon Videos says:

    omg that dance break at 3:11. i’m dead.

  7. Dust to Dust says:

    Does anyone know what the name of that music that played for the sexy-slow
    burn at 3:11? Man, that is smooth.. Shazam and Soundhound have failed to
    catch it. ;=n=;

  8. Sarah Ravioli says:

    I was just thinking that I wish SNL was on during the summer. So much good

  9. Alexandra Koenig says:

    is this supposed to be funny….how is snl still relevant

  10. Myles Donaldson says:

    What ever she does don’t catch anymore ghosts

  11. William Henry Van Etta says:

    I think SNL should just shut it down, it was a good run

  12. Wily Coyote says:

    SNL is dead

  13. Benjerooo says:

    I cant wait to see their sketch for the Dem Convention…

  14. Jeff Aronson says:

    $10 bucks says they don’t do this during the DNC

  15. maxcohen13 says:

    When did it become illegal to be funny?

  16. FamilyWinn says:

    It could have been do much better. SNL need better writing.

  17. juanandlife says:

    I know SNL has always been a hit and miss kind of show, but in my opinion
    lately it’s been way more miss.

  18. Joe Gorser says:

    Saturday Night Live used to be great at this. The 92 elections are the
    prime example. They made fun of all the 3 major candidates and weren’t
    afraid to have a good time while they were doing it. They could just as
    easily make fun of Ross Perot and also have sketches about how he may be
    right, maybe NAFTA wasn’t good for the country. I feel like these younger
    ‘comedians’ just want to express an opinion instead of make people laugh.

  19. Clover Mint says:

    People are saying it’s not funny, but I think if they added a laugh track
    to the same thing people would think it was HILARIOUS

  20. Akshay Gedam says:

    Kate is hilarious. who’s that guy? he’s cute! lol