Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

Tina Fey reacts to the events of Charlottesville and offers a plan for how to deal with future Alt-Right protests. Colin and Michael tackle super orgasms and two ninety-year-olds getting married.

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20 Responses

  1. Serena Shah says:

    She’s so right. I hate when white people say “Let’s take our country back.” What makes it your country? Just cause that idiot Christopher got lost looking for frickin India 500 years ago and discovered North America first does not make it white people property. Damn

  2. Shane says:

    Yep. Your president gave Independent nazi militia groups the green light. You can say that’s not true, but isn’t it just as bad if the nazis believe it?

  3. Just A Man And His Dog says:

    Just don’t order a cake that has Donald Trump’s face on it, because liberals won’t bake that cake.

    But if you’re a Christian baker you have to bake pro-sodomy cakes for the fascists.

  4. Christopher Wood says:

    Awe liberals and their mission to make everything white people fault. Ya know if no one had shown up to talk shit to the retarded white supremacists nothing would have happened. You could have just watched from your home and laugh at them.

  5. Aaron Ivan says:

    So she doesn’t have a problem with antifa beating people and destroying property?

  6. The African-American Soldier says:

    Liberals have to push racism as far as possible…

    Liberals/Alt-Left = Division

  7. von volts says:

    The US spends Billions of dollars fighting terrorism across the world and when white terrorists attack in US soil, they don’t do anything about it, to the contrary this clown president supports them and their agendas, just call them by what they really are, White Terrorist and Go after them don’t be a Hipocrite.

  8. Sakib Adil says:

    This Bitch Needs To KILL HERSELF

  9. Jacob Klein says:

    “Let them eat cake”

  10. Rose Lavia says:

    Tina Fey for President ✌️💚👍

  11. FabulousKilljoy917 says:

    I love her so much 😄😍

  12. Abusedby RobertBruceJohnson says:

    She’s so funny…❤️

  13. kevin crady says:

    Liberalism. Find the Cure.

  14. Mário knine says:

    The Charlottesville car attack is a hate crime? And the Barcelona car attack ( 13 dead people) and the Finland stabing attacks are what? Multiculturalism?

  15. Anne Schrader says:

    God Bless America for Tina! Her humor keeps our horrifying political nightmare bearable

  16. Eric DeWitt says:

    Nazi’s killed millions of Jews. The KKK publicly hung black people from trees. People are still kinda pissed about that. Where’s the confusion??

  17. msminmichigan says:

    Oh the Trumptard snowflakes commenting gives me life. I love your tear. Your tears are so yummy.

  18. Ava Kesling says:


  19. Random Monarch says:

    Why are trump voters even watching Snl?

  20. Drew Koslow says:

    That is pure gold! Thank you SNL for making me laugh when there is so much to cry about.

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