Weekend Update: Vaccine Fraud and Mars Rover – SNL

Weekend Update: Vaccine Fraud and Mars Rover – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like two women dressing up like grandmas to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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71 Responses

  1. [Obscure VGM] says:

    NOTE TO SELF: Discard grandma costume. Does NOT work.

    • Migz says:

      Apparently it did. They went for their SECOND dose 🤣

    • Zach the Sports Guy says:

      But what about the great grandma costume?

    • Beeble Brox says:


    • Comment No Comment says:

      (Looks in Mirror)

      Note to self: Get hair done. Figure out at age 36 what constitutes ‘age appropriate’ and apparently start getting offended when they try to motion you and give you frontsies and they’re in the motorized scooters in the vaccine lines.😔


  2. Tyler Kochman says:

    Nah. A 35 year old is still pretty old for a Florida grandma

  3. crabless in baltimore says:

    this >>> nightly news

  4. cchristine 18 says:

    Colin is getting brave with his jokes lol

  5. Tyler Hackner says:

    The Kanye and Kim jokes write themselves at this point lol. Also I loved that Cuomo jab.

  6. shutupandcolor says:

    Michael Che, 35 is too old in Florida for Grandmothers.

  7. tiffany zhang says:


  8. X says:

    No one is surprised Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce. Except that it took this long.

    • Alec Nardone says:

      @hey deanie tbh, as much as I don’t like the kardashians, I’ve always respected how they’ve capitalized off their fame. I’ve never considered her a loon.

    • EddieRay VanLynch says:

      @Bianca Jade 👍👏

    • Sadie Virtue says:

      @Sutton Mifase isn’t that the definition of crazy?

    • Adam Smith says:

      ​@Sutton Mifase A lot of people with higher severity of bipolar disorders never say the kind of ridiculous beliefs he has said. The things he has said are the reasons he is being attributed to as “crazy” or “loony”…not because of his bipolar disorder.

      If someone says insane, borderline racist, and conspiratorial things to you and then tells you “oh that wasn’t me that was just because I was bipolar”….you are being completely duped….

      Learn about what bipolar order really is before you start acting righteous. Please.

      And telling someone they are attempting to deny their privilege is ridiculous because “mentally ill” Kanye said slavery was a choice and “white privilege” is an idea fabricated by the left.

      I personally feel like this is more offensive to mentally ill people to try to let Kanye West off the hook for all of the ridiculous, horrible, and just plain wrong things because he is bipolar. It really is extremely insulting to anyone with bipolar disorder or any mental illness in general.

      I guess it is hard to see what’s going on down here in the world with how high your horse is.

    • hey deanie says:

      @Alec Nardone I see ur point, but I gotta say, if one marries kanye west, then that establishes basic loon tendencies lol

  9. Carlos Villezcas says:

    “You’re a disabled goldfish” is a insult I didn’t think I needed in my life, until now.

  10. LKNANML says:

    Kim just couldn’t compete with the two of him. Him and his ego.

    • Pat Russo says:

      …. right….. it’s all Kanyes fault?

    • StrangeNRare says:

      @Pat Russo I’m not sure that’s what he/she said. Egocentrism cuts both ways in public entertainers’ relationships–people feel unloved and unseen and unheard, because they literally ARE unseen/unheard by the partner who only sees/hears himself. It’s not exactly any one person’s fault. But you can’t help someone who can’t see they have a problem. It’s exhausting, in addition to being ineffective. I’d bet 1/3 of relationship breakups come from just this one problem, in its myriad social permutations. 😛
      (I’m saying this while admittedly knowing/caring f*ck-all about either of them particularly, but everybody hurts when a marriage/family break up, so i still weirdly feel bad for them…?) (It makes no sense, I know. I think I’ve just been indoors too long and it’s making me nosey.)

  11. Jhanine Wright says:

    It seems after his n word joke last week, Colin said “You know what…”

  12. Chris Lombardi says:

    God they need to loosen up the crowd. This segment killed. Audience: *titter titter*.

  13. Serg V. says:

    I don’t think the audience got the Israel joke

    • Sadie Virtue says:

      @Tyrus Charles It’s only anti-semitic if it isn’t true. Are you implying that the Israeli government is not prejudiced against Arabs, Egyptians, or anyone who is not Jewish?😂 And we all know that if/when the vaccines get to SA, the white people would get it first. That would be a legit comment for a joke.

    • Eitan Levy Keating says:

      @Diallo Just throwing around the word genocide now?

    • M Benyossef says:

      @Wolverine 367 _sure sure whatever makes you happy kid_
      At 50, there’s a good chance I’m old enough to be your grandfather (no grandkids yet, my eldest children, twin girls are 21 years old and just finished their mandatory service in the IDF and my younger son is about to be inducted into the Israeli army so thanks for calling me “kid,” lol!
      _I just can’t take you seriously at all_
      You can’t be taken seriously because you literally can’t read the text I copied from the international agreement that Palestinian representatives committed to where it says clearly, in black and white, that the Palestinian Authority is entirely responsible for the health and welfare of its own citizens. Israel is no more responsible for distributing vaccines to PA citizens who live under the jurisdiction of their own government than the USA is responsible for prioritizing vaccinations of Jamaicans or Canadians who live in Jamaica or Canada.
      _Have a good life but just know, many palestenians are denied that because of Israel_
      I do have a good life, thanks! I am one of the fortunate Jews to live in a generation where Jews have achieved self-rule and sovereignty in their own country. Palestinian Arabs who are determined to deny Jews their own country will not have a good life, that’s for sure though. But Arabs who live peacefully among their Jewish fellow citizens of who know that Israel is here to stay have a pretty good life, that’s for sure. But the Palestinians Arabs who dedicate their lives to destroying my country will always have a shitty life. Even the ones who are materially well off (like most of them) eat shit every day just because Israel exists.

    • Wolverine 367 says:

      @Tyrus Charles it was not anti Semitic, it was a joke on Israel’s human rights abuses. Of the US was actually an apartheid regime, the joke would be apt

    • Argo187 says:

      @Wolverine 367 the problem is that Israel’s human rights abuses are nonexistent. Israel has legally no obligation to give vaccines to Gaza or West Bank. If Hamas wants Israel to hand him vaccines maybe he should stop firing missiles into Israel and calling for their destruction and they could probably work something out

  14. Sam Lee says:

    O god. They went HARD with the jokes tonight LOL

  15. randomq1982 says:

    Krispy Kreme walked right into that one!

  16. G. Anthony Benjamin says:

    Why does SNL/YT insist on cutting the News segment into bits rather than one whole segment?

  17. Black and Gold says:

    The part of SNL that NEVER disappoints!

  18. Annie says:

    Did this man really just call simp a “new hashtag” lmao

  19. Garnetio says:

    The Berenstein Bears Kill Osama Bin Ladin sounds like how American schools will teach the next generations’ history class. I mean, have you heard what else our leaders expect us to believe?

  20. Collin Keyser says:

    It’s Good They’re Also Making Jokes About Cuomo’s Scandal.

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