Weekly Address: Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All

Weekly Address: Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All

In this week’s address, the President discussed his plan to give all students across the country the chance to learn computer science (CS) in school.

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20 Responses

  1. EECS Reeks says:

    So let me get this straight. You can either 1) go through a difficult and
    expensive STEM curriculum, get your Bachelors or Masters in Computer
    Science, after which you have to compete with an influx of 85,000 foreign
    H-1B visa holders PER YEAR, who will work as indentured servants for much
    less money, until you finally end up being one of the tens of thousands of
    engineers laid off every year by tech companies in an ever changing
    technology landscape, OR you can 2) go into teaching, whatever the subject
    might be (art with Miss Lippy, perhaps?), get a relatively secure Union
    job, and then actually get paid to take a much watered-down and much easier
    Computer Science curriculum, so that you can teach your students what
    little you did learn, so that they can in turn become the chumps who choose
    the first path? Wow. You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. This is
    Idiocracy Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator circular logic at its best.

  2. runman1271 says:

    This this obama idiot is on his way out and democRATs are left with two
    people to vote for.
    A socialist call Barney Sanders or aa communist name Hitlery KKKlinton.
    KKKlinton defends raipests and blames the female for the rape, and then
    yell sonething about a war on women.
    She also used a personal email server, to by pass the freedom of
    information act and placed top secret or higher emails on her servers.

    Barney Sanders (I know the name is wrong, but he is a old a a dino.) is 74.
    ROFLMAO! He knew Noah during the great flood.

  3. Tom Tchikofski says:

    Government has no business in education because it will turn in to

  4. ZFlyingVLover says:

    Hi everybody. Fuck obama. Thanks for listening

  5. ZFlyingVLover says:

    Just learning to code doesn’t make you a problem solver! Coding is just a
    tool . You still need to be able to break down a problem, any problem, into
    manageable pieces and deal with them at that level.
    That applies for medicine, legal issues , science, engineering etc.

    And just because a machine runs on 100 million lines of code(which I
    believe is nonesense) doesn’t mean you know anything about programming that
    machine anymore than using a cell phone makes you a mobile app programmer.

    What a load of horseshit.

    Learn to think critically 1st. Next , learn to get organized. Finally,
    learn how to study with determnation. THOSE skills will get you ahead.
    Programming for programmings sake won’t do anything for you. There are
    enough english majors who’ve coded CRAP in my industry because they weren’t
    trained as a computer engineer before touching the code.

    We need engineers , scientists , doctors. Liberals and Lawyers have fucked
    up america enough. Most if not all of the crappy and voluminous legislation
    created by obamanutz can be safely discarded because its full of inane,
    wasteful and pointless programs intended on creating more dependency on
    government and less self sufficiency and accountability.

    Innovation and Obama should never be put together. Innovation means a
    better way not a new way just because. Case in point . Obamacare. The
    biggest piece of inefficient , illegal, tax, freedom crushing legistlation
    ever. How are those premiums people? How good are those plans now people?
    You 10 times what you paid before for a plan that covers 1/10 of the
    conditions it did in the past. Now that innovation according to obama!

  6. Trojan Virus says:

    obama you make us black/white hat hackers life even harder advertising
    computer science please leave

  7. Danny Perfect says:

    Because he is a sorry fucking president

  8. mmcc0203 says:

    An interesting proposal. As a CS student myself, I’m somewhat skeptical of
    this. I think there’s always going to be plenty of room in the economy for
    people who couldn’t care less about the subject. Also, we’re not even at
    the point where all people have basic computer literacy, keyboarding, and
    reasoning skills (i.e. skills that are required for CS). Still, it
    definitely would be helpful if more people had a basic grasp of what goes
    into software development.

  9. futebolcapixabatv says:

    what about the weapons for ISIS and other terrorists around the world?

  10. Patrick Thompson says:

    I bet even extremist right wingers can’t argue with that.

  11. Dan Rhode says:

    This is awesome news for K-12 computer science education!

  12. Lkvrijn64 says:

    I was wanting to do computer science but looking at how much longer I would
    need to be I’m school before I could transfer because of all the
    prerequisites is discouraging. I don’t know if I can afford to be in school
    that long and it’s making me think I should just choose a major that will
    allow me to graduate sooner.

  13. twinkyz76 says:

    I’ve lost everything social security disability denied no income but you
    can find money for this

  14. Голубь says:

    Obama is brilliant president.

  15. silas marombsrx says:

    My dream, this man in Brazil how president :(

  16. Marcus C says:

    I wonder how long before “they” find something negative about this….

  17. E.T. Harris says:

    Can we please start with just discrete math? I have met many people that
    don’t know discrete math exists and yet it is the foundation for problem
    solving in the field of computing. It is the gateway to many topics in
    computer science, computer/electrical engineering that do not require any
    programming skills at all.

    Discrete mathematics is what teaches how to solve problems in computing,
    not programming.

  18. Frank Butes says:

    Free underwater basket weaving degrees for EVERYONE!

  19. robt400 says:

    no we need to go back to the 50s and stay there. what is this progress you
    speak of?

  20. Joshua Gallup says:

    What we need is better teaching not better technology!