Weekly Address: Making America Safer for Our Children

Weekly Address: Making America Safer for Our Children

In this week’s address, the President reflected on the progress of the past year, and looked forward to working on unfinished business in the coming year, particularly when it comes to the epidemic of gun violence.

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19 Responses

  1. Fercurix says:

    Sup U.S.A.? u mad? =D

  2. Ivan Alexander says:

    I can’t trust you when you don’t look at me straight in the eye

  3. Phalinex says:

    If anyone is wondering why republicans end up with ignorant racist morons
    for presidential candidates. Just read some of the idiotic lies that their
    minions spew.

  4. StartTakingNotes says:

    This comment section is a fucking cesspool.

  5. SickPrid3 says:

    don’t be stupid Americans. Do whatever it takes not to let them disarm you.
    Look at what is happening in Europe, people are like sheep and we just let
    1mil wolfs in. The only thing that can stop bad guy with weapon is a good
    guy with weapon.

  6. Brandon davis says:

    This guy is gonna get himself killed

  7. Parmesan-_27 says:

    haha I thought he said hi everybody I am fired lol I was about to say about

  8. D.S. Bernard says:

    This comment section makes me want to die. How uncultured,
    misunderstanding, narrow, and evil can one possibly get? My gosh. This is
    why I abandoned the concept of political parties, and parted ways with the
    title “moderate conservative”. Even that was just too entangles with hate.
    I woulda bought someone like Obama could help bind us together with a voice
    of reason; but it’s starting to feel like we’re too far gone.

  9. SportsAndGaming says:

    Fuck you lying piece of shit

  10. thedanperezvids says:

    All that talking got him elected. Does anyone still believe him?

  11. Tulio Viloria says:

    The best way is bringing the Bible (GOD) back to schools

  12. sujanswearingen says:

    Damn lies from Capitol Hill again. White cops shooting black kids because
    of skin color. Being denied fundamental liberties. Rules on books which no
    one follows. Elected officials being more juvenile than third graders.
    “Teachers” that fall way below par for being able to communicate
    effectively. I am still being disgraced by an enemy with “leaders” still
    blind by arrogance and stupidity. The politicians are blind but the
    justices sure are not. There is more work to do after the Obama Care
    problem began. I don’t care about the Democrats or Republicans. Throughout
    history both parties have only handed the American people rhetoric rooted
    in garbage. America is garbage because Obama is garbage.

  13. Michael Deas says:

    making America safe for communists, pillow biters, Muslims, Freaks,
    basically any anyone except true Americans

  14. Levi Williams says:

    Happy New Year! President Obama is kicking the year off by…blah blah blah,
    gun lobby, common sense reforms! Oh my God, he is such a blabbering tyrant.

  15. KillerDEJ says:

    I don’t care Obama you also have been ruining others health insurance.

  16. jack reacher says:

    dumb ass

  17. Eric Sena says:

    Nothing they do is for the benefit of the American citizens. Open your eyes
    to their real intentions. People are losing rights n liberties with blind

  18. Arn Quin says:

    Because “fuck you 2nd amendment”.

  19. Spencer Bell says:

    what a load of garbage