Weekly Address: Meeting the Global Threat of Climate Change

Weekly Address: Meeting the Global Threat of Climate Change

In this week’s address, the President spoke about his upcoming trip to Alaska, during which he will view the effects of climate change firsthand. Alaskans are already living with the impact of climate change, with glaciers melting faster, and temperatures projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century.

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20 Responses

  1. Kelsey Skaret says:

    Like teachers, you know? So that thinks like spelling and critical thinking
    can be taught.

  2. Pat Robinson says:

    i love this man, his family, thank you Mr. Obama

  3. Randy Ragsdale says:

    Climate Change is real. America must wake up!!

  4. Xavier Geovanni says:

    This is what needs fixing NOW. This is what our real concern should be,.Not
    making a bigger wall to block off Mexicans.

  5. LowerTheBoom1 says:

    Go back to africa obama nobody cares about your ebola…I mean ebonics

  6. John Tackett says:

    +Jarred Richards I … honestly expected another “fuck you” Um… okay,
    good day.

  7. John Tackett says:

    +Jarred Richards It’s like you didn’t comprehend a word I said, and just
    thought to yourself … I bet he’s being insulting towards me, lets insult
    him back!

    You are an idiot sir.

  8. Kelsey Skaret says:

    How often have you prayed and how often have you had results? And how many
    of those results could and would have happened anyway?

  9. Rainx5000 says:

    Hes not black hes tan

  10. Demetre Velazquez says:

    Climate change deniers all say that it’s a naturally occurring phase and
    there’s nothing to worry about. They say huge amounts of carbon dioxide
    don’t matter. They obviously know NOTHING.

  11. Ethan castle says:

    Isis is a thing…

  12. alaskacares says:

    Solar in a place that does not see sun much for 3 months a year? Wind when
    does not blow reliably most of the time? Maybe geothermal in a few areas of
    state but coal and oil much better, more reliable. With solar and wind
    would freeze in winter in most parts of Alaska. Snowed much earlier this
    year than in the last 20 years. I personally would be glad if it were
    warmer here as a gardener my apricots and corn would finally ripen!. Glad
    he will get to see the beautiful Alaska that God has created.

  13. Aaron M says:

    Youll never get our guns!!!

  14. Legitimate Baller says:

    Straight Outta Indonesia

  15. Tomasz Odrobina says:

    Simple solution (morons) dismantle the oil monopolies and allow fuel
    choice. Most people don’t know this but pretty much all cars are flex fuel
    cars the only thing that’s different is a computer program. Methonal,
    ethonal, natural gas and hydrogen burn cleaner than gasoline and every
    single car can be converted to use these fuels. Also installing fast charge
    stations at all gas stations (fueling stations) for electric cars. Your
    meeting is a waste of time and taxpayers money.

  16. MCGelloe says:

    He looks sad..

  17. RAMON Noodles says:

    He is. Your wrong, obviously you’re just as big of a moron as he is. I can
    tell just by the statement you replied with which make’s no sense just like
    anything else MORON’S like you, and him say or do. The IDIOT LEFT, that
    would be you, and very extreme left, that would be him. All of you think
    your so damn intelligent. Yet every thing that he, and people like you say,
    and do make’s no damn sense, WHAT SO EVER!. What the fuck does Donald
    Trump, even have to do with the current subject at hand, you IDIOT. I
    didn’t even mention Donald Trump, in my previous statement. That’s just
    like the left. Everytime someone mention’s anything regarding the IDIOCY of
    the left. The left want’s to bring up the right, and alway’s with lies,
    deceit, ommision, and what they think are fact’s, and relevance. Also when
    you ASSUME / you make an ASS-OUT-OF-YOU-AND ME, you think that I’m for
    Trump. You don’t know anything about me. How about believing in right, and
    wrong!. By the way, I’m right, and you’re wrong. Next time before you make
    an ASSUMTION, learn American History, and get all of your fact’s staight.

  18. kArL AdAmS says:

    Obama is Awesome!

  19. Ryko Kohne says:

    I live in Folsom near Sacramento CA. Out lake that gives LA water 100 miles
    away has reduced by 70% or something crazy. We call it Folsom puddle, even
    though a puddle still has a pool quality. Every year is record drought, the
    brush is all dead, and it’s impossible to keep the lawns green (if you are
    watering, which you are not supposed to). And I swear I’m living in Beijing
    cause the sky has been grey for the past few months, even though we live
    far from the current fires. Californians out of all people should know this
    shit is real, but they just turn on their AC & are more concerned with the
    new Netflix shows than the God damn world dying under their feet. I fall
    victim to the distractions too, but I still notice the change. Everyone
    here sees the change, but even then no one does anything to show they even
    care. It makes me sad. The only way anyone ever changes is when they get
    fined for watering.

  20. christopher mcgavern says:

    if any of you fuckers votes for Trump i hope you get hit by a truck.