Weekly Address: This Thanksgiving, Recognizing the Greatness of American Generosity

Weekly Address: This Thanksgiving, Recognizing the Greatness of American Generosity

In this week’s address, the President wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and reflected on America’s history of welcoming men and women seeking a safer, better future for themselves and their families.

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20 Responses

  1. Tripin S says:

    Links pilgrims to Muslims refugees……..So your saying these “refugees”
    are going to kill us all with wars and diseases until only Muslims live

  2. Nite Angel says:

    self serving political talk

  3. tangled Line says:

    It is shame that our own President refuses to be the public servant to the
    people who trusted him. It appears the deciding factor (yes that is the way
    our country works) is STILL not primary to his own agenda. We didn’t want
    “Affordable Care Act” yet he jammed it down our throats. We didn’t want
    undocumented immigrants in our country-yet he said “screw you I’m the man”.
    We don’t want Syrian refugees and he says “I don’t care what you think”. He
    says “Guns in school are not a good idea” yet his kids, wife and even
    himself are surrounded by them 24/7. He says “Americans don’t have to worry
    about terrorist attacks” yet he is in a house surrounded by the most
    protection anyone can have. Obama…stop quoting history, stop being a
    “ghetto bully” president. You still have time to make right of this
    country…but you have to STOP HELPING OTHERS FIRST!

  4. Chris Panczyk says:

    Really? Seriously? “The most rigorous checks…”? Oh sure, our Federal
    bureaucrats are highly competent, right? Couldn’t possibly miss a terrorist
    in disguise. Impossible.

  5. BJ Amstrong says:


  6. Alpha74SF5 says:

    Those Indians were inslaved, forced into certain religions, given small
    pox, forced to betray another tribe of indians who were slaughtered. Please
    Mr. President I do not want the them in or around my community or this
    country. Find another way to deal with the problem that allows them stay
    and fight or support their own country.

  7. Alpha74SF5 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

  8. Gus Sansone says:

    Obama is a disgrace to the world. He doesn’t represent the values of 85% of
    the country. Every day he’s president I become more embarrassed of my
    country. He’s truly the biggest joke ever perpetrated on the so called free

  9. Grand Gao says:

    Thanks Obama, Happy Thanks Giving

  10. NinjaBoys says:

    MURCIA!!!! Thank you Obama, for speaking on this

  11. Luigi Bianco says:

    Anti-racists tell us there’s a race problem in ALL White countries that can
    only be solved by bringing in masses of non-Whites.
    They have no problem with all-Black countries or all-Asian countries.
    Only White people must become minorities in their own lands.
    Under international law, that is genocide, but anti-racists call it
    Diversity means chasing down the last White person.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  12. XLPCX says:

    If you love veterans so much, perhaps you could give us a higher raise that

  13. Stephen Yount says:

    Still plugging his marauder movement to the U. S. These savages are
    destroying Germany and Sweden and bringing scores of diseases with them.
    They have overwhelmed the hospitals and are attacking doctors and nurses.
    They are demanding money and sticking her nose up at the food given to
    them. Angola has just banned Islam China is secretly passing scores of laws
    restricting Islamic practices. How bout they stay at the White house with
    you POS traitor?

  14. shafta99 says:

    we have record amount of people on food stamps. the homeless veterans
    should come before any refugee. oh and i guess that doesn’t apply to the
    millions of mexicans and other south americans crossing our border every
    year don’t get that screening. yeah my ancestors came here during a time of
    economic industrial boom when you needed a lot of people to work in
    factories. now those jobs are in china. only a foolish country lets the
    whole world in when a lot of people have to work 2 part time jobs to make
    ends meet. so out of touch you are, obama. you call replacing jobs that
    paid 20 dollars an hour with benefits to 2 jobs with no benefits progress,
    what a fool. i loath you.

  15. ArtisanTony says:

    I have blocked this channel. You should too.

  16. Cell Mates says:

    I’m thankful for President Obama, a true hero.

  17. tatiana matysuk says:

    thank you.lately ive felt surrounded by people who dont understand what our
    country started as & what despite popular opinion seems to be why we are
    what we are.i just dont understand how anyone doesnt get that.i live in
    connecticut & have lived in & my family is from nyc so i do understand the
    fear but we have to overcome and be more than a nation of fear and hate.if
    we cant do that then we need to give the statue of liberty back to
    france,we dont deserve it.

  18. Nerv ClaX says:

    He called the Pilgrims “refugees”! LOL He just can’t resist politicizing

  19. jeff4justice says:

    I’m grateful to the 2-party system of war, poverty, pollution and
    eradication of human rights. All hail the 2-party system charade! USA! USA!

  20. Liquid-Ice MotoVlogs says:

    This is to damn funny. Do you remember who was here before the white man?
    Do you know what the white man did to the people that were here before
    them? Do you remember killing Indians that live off this land before
    everyone desided to take this land from them? Wow people forget that no
    matter what this land does not belong to use, it belongs to the Indians
    that were here before anyone. History is full of lies and hatred, but
    remember its the Government that lies to all of us everyday.