Weezer – Thank God for Girls

Weezer – Thank God for Girls

Subscribe to Weezer on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1SlQqzW New single “Thank God for Girls” out now – get the song on:

Apple Music http://smarturl.it/ThankGodForGirls
Amazon http://smarturl.it/ThankGodForGirlsAM
Google Play http://smarturl.it/ThankGodForGirlsGP
Spotify http://smarturl.it/ThankGodForGirlsSP

Directed by SCANTRON

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20 Responses

  1. Volted says:

    ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

  2. Slightly Slower Songs says:

    Good song, cringe lyrics, in order to enjoy bands like Muse, Weezer etc.
    you just have to power through some awful song writing every now and again

  3. JOHN MULLARKS says:

    It thought this song was fun!
    I hope this means a new album :O

  4. Eric Sandoval says:

    Some bands….just need to know when to quit.

  5. vk9g says:

    RIP Weezer

  6. James Stockwell says:

    Some of the best lyricism to come out Cuomo in recent years. EWBAITE felt
    too safe at times.

  7. Tro jan says:

    I like how they used sandwiches in a video with this title!

  8. monarchmobile says:

    the video is kinda ehh. the song is really cool though, pretty catchy

  9. KatjaPJ20 says:

    Dont really know what i feel about this one..

  10. Greg Bem says:

    They ruined so many good canolies in this video. Thumbs down!

  11. theneedledrop says:

    Pretty cool.

  12. Luke Robert says:

    Que SJWs in 3…2..1…

  13. TheSenileFeline says:

    This turns me on more than it should, not gonna lie.

  14. 2hicks1 says:

    Not sure why people are confused – clearly a statement about how misogyny
    intersects with religion to create pigs.

  15. Jadeiplier Swag (Jadeipie) says:


  16. Pol Peralta says:

    Thanks god for Weezer *-*

  17. Mikey MGTOW says:

    I would thank god for girls if they weren’t shit now days. I find myself
    thanking god I’m single instead.

  18. microbemanny says:

    Ha, Rivers is an artist. Seriously. Try to keep up.

  19. Heart says:

    is this a first single or something? =O New album?

  20. Tim Esselink says:

    fucking great!