Weird Cracker Topping Taste Test

Weird Cracker Topping Taste Test

YOU submitted weird cracker toppings, WE made them and took the taste test to some… mixed results.  GMMore #1368

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66 Responses

  1. JenniLovesBurgers says:

    I’m just thinking about stink, just in general.

    • Peacock Feathers says:

      He might of been thinking clay Aiken stinks! That’s why rhett thought of that. Haha 🙂
      I actually used to love clay Aiken though and was outraged when he didn’t win American idol.

  2. Grace Leon says:

    link was enjoying that spit cracker *way* too much 😂

  3. derrick johnson says:

    Link laughing at the prison post made me laugh.

  4. dschonsie says:

    1:58 the moment link’s brain took a pee break

  5. Brandon Sims says:

    Good Lord Link got a little weird with cracker wad😂

  6. Tylly B says:

    Link is probably the most random person I’ve heard of when it comes to food. Doesn’t like tomatoes, but creates pulps of potato chips in his mouth xD

  7. Pile Of Oats says:

    So, let me get this straight; Link will not go anywhere near sushi, but gladly eat a spit cracker? Duly noted.

    • Aarhg says:

      You literally eat spit every time you swallow, so it isn’t really that gross.

    • LittleRedHaired Girl says:

      +Aarhg, as soon as it leaves the mouth, it’s gross! 😝 Ugh, spit grosses me out so bad.

    • LittleRedHaired Girl says:

      +RyanKlip, remember when they did the airplane mocktails, and Rhett made peanut butter in his mouth and Link drank it with him? 😝 *shudder*

    • Aarhg says:

      I can certainly understand why you would think it’s gross, but I just don’t think it’s that bad in this situation. It’s his own saliva and it’s not like it was sitting there for more than half a minute.
      Some people blow bubbles with gum, which means some of their spit travels with the bubble outside the mouth, and they put it back in their mouth again. That’s not very gross to me.

    • LittleRedHaired Girl says:

      +Aarhg, you have a point with the bubble gum.

  8. Carp With Milk says:

    Good to see that after eating testicales and worms Rhett and Link can still critically judge is a cracker good

  9. Cg Gc says:

    Who else gagged during the spit cracker?

  10. llJeezusll says:

    Out of all the weird things that they have eaten on this show
    I think the chewed and spit crackers are in the top 5 maybe even top 3 grossest things eaten for me

  11. Not Crying Enough says:

    Legend says link is still chewing up cracker toppings and putting it on his tomato-less veggie burgers

  12. Ayaloid 96 says:

    I wonder how many times Rhett listen to Link’s stories and think “I can’t believe I’m friend with this weirdo…”

  13. Jesse Carreon says:

    Link is a really freakin odd dude

  14. youdon'tneedtoreadthis says:

    I just wanted to say that this is the best Link’s hair has ever looked

  15. Mal Louann says:

    I could just imagine everyone working on something together for an episode of GMM while Link is in a corner in a never ending cycle of making spit crackers😂

  16. zubair hussain says:

    I think a lot of Link’s gagging is psychological. It feels like if he eats something he’s not sure of, he can handle it depending on how well Rhett appears to be taking it.

  17. ChezDayable says:

    Link is gonna save the chewed up cracker to wash out the flavor of caviar. The man’s got expensive taste 🤣

  18. Felicia W says:

    Haha. Rhett: “You gonna do 30 chews like you always do?”

  19. SpaceGhost says:

    “Link quit baby birding yourself crackers!”
    Me, 2018

  20. screamsformemes says:

    Rhett: How many chews are you gunna do? 30 like you always do?
    Link: *nods while chuckling*
    This is the best friend level I wanna get to.

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