WEIRD Food Combinations That People LOVE!! (GROSS DIY FOODS)

WEIRD Food Combinations That People LOVE!! (GROSS DIY FOODS)

This was so WEIRD
There is a bunch of food out there that people COMBINE, and they turn out to taste very good.. Which one are you going to try?!


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If you read this far down the description I love you

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57 Responses

  1. Rosalva Rosales says:

    can’t wait for 10mil and when u get it congrats to u faze rug. love ur vids

  2. -Tradey - says:

    I think you got this idea from sssniperwolf

  3. Renzo says:

    my friend eats ass with ketchup

  4. Elisa Rodriguez says:

    *idk if this is weird but i eat pizza with cheese*

  5. Matt Karlovich says:

    probably not the best idea to watch this when i’m feeling sick😂

  6. Jayof707 - says:

    My main question after watching this is Who buys little apple slices from a bag like that lol

  7. LEWIS HENDRY says:

    pineapple is great on pizza 🍕

  8. Zayaan Mir says:

    who else was waiting for a skittles combination

  9. Dillon says:

    I cant believe he just wasted that huge ass $15 bag of M&M’s with ranch, that got thrown away afterwards wow!

  10. yousif mohamed says:

    Apple 🍏 and Nutella taste

  11. Rosie Fa'afoi says:

    *@ **2:44** i can relate. It’s so annoying that they sealed the nutella like that. I always use a butter knife instead of my finger tho.*

  12. Zeko says:

    Shes younger than u but looks 10 years older than u lol

  13. Joseph Newgo says:

    i think hanging out with exes runs in rugs family

  14. Erik Budai says:

    0.0001% Video
    99.999% TITS!!!!!!

  15. Jay 1:40 says:

    I hope my music can reach this many people one day. Thank you to anyone willing to give me a chance 🙏

  16. Aurora Linda says:

    Hey FaZe Rug

    Tap On me ||

  17. Wise doggo of da youtubes says:

    12:51 “hold on they have to see my bewbs”
    **flips hair**

  18. Alondra Lobato says:

    I saw another YouTuber do the same thing sssniperwolf😁😁

    • Corvette Gaming says:

      Alondra Lobato sssniperwolf wasn’t the first I believe others have done it before her and most of them probably got it from a article

  19. Thankyou12343 says:

    Apple with salt and pepper is so good!!! My parents usually do it when they cut up a fruit, usually any fruit.

  20. Ripz Music says:

    Bro u just copied sssniperwolf not cool

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