Weird music test you have to try!

Weird music test you have to try!

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Phùng Lê Minh
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Jordan Nguyen
Marc Froehling
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Leon Schutte
Maximus Olenik
AJ Berg
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Jack Morris
Hamish Garner
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20 Responses

  1. ANDREW HUANG says:

    How did you do in the test? Leave a comment!

    Couple weeks left to get this round of merch:

    Moritz Mader
    Peter Choi
    Linus Würfel
    Félix Vandeneycken
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    June Pilote

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    Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Zombiemastah says:

    I got them all!
    It was pretty easy!
    But I can see why they got certain answers wrong.

  3. deadindogyears says:

    would be fun to do this again without samplings, but I imagine harder and more expensive to just set up

  4. Rully Andrew says:

    Yay!! Trending! Great job Andrew!!! (Btw I have your name as my last name. But really, my last names Andrew)

  5. Angela Liu says:

    I got all of them right but I think I wouldn’t have if I didn’t get to listen back and forth

  6. Aerlice LeBlanc says:

    I play piano. That was the only one I got wrong. That is sad.

  7. Leftie Owens says:

    I win xD The only one that I wasn’t certain on was the cello… I thought it was a trick because it sounded like a synth to me lol

  8. Pearl Jangjiravat says:

    All of them sound like a trumpet to me -.-

  9. Tetronome says:

    i’ve listened to a lot of midis so i got this easily

  10. Matthew Richardson says:

    YAH BOI! 100%%%%%% but the cello almost got me, i probably would have changed my mind if it hadnt have gone to the next instrument.

  11. ~Giovanni says:

    I got all of them right!
    And what makes me feel glad is that I don’t know almost anything about music and stuff, heh.

  12. samicat93 says:

    I might’ve had an unfair advantage over y’all in the video since I heard everyone else’s guesses as I was making mine, I waffled on the 4th and 5th ones and had to skip back to them but I did get them all right~ (I’ve only played steel acoustic, nylon uke, and piano, so I don’t think *that* really made a difference. it would be interesting to see how people’s actual use of instruments affects their results.)

  13. Spencer Ross says:

    I got them all right

  14. Nick White says:

    Had to switch stuff around a bit after I heard all the sounds, but got it all right!

  15. Wesley Smith says:

    I actually got them all right, I debated even commenting this due to the fact that no one will probably believe me

  16. Sinoda Notsnhoj says:

    I actually got them all right lol

  17. wafernate says:

    Legitimately proud of myself right now that I got all of them correct

  18. Weewoo says:

    Cello – 5
    Piano – 4
    Trumpet – 3
    Clarinet – 1
    Electric Guitar – 2
    Nylon Guitar – 6

    How did I get all of these right? I don’t even play any of the instruments…

  19. Raw Chickens says:

    Do a draw my life plz

  20. The Woman With No Head says:

    Very interesting test !
    Very easy to find those sounds tho, thanks to a crappy synth I used for years …

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