Weird Powdered Peanut Butter Combinations (EXPERIMENT)

Weird Powdered Peanut Butter Combinations (EXPERIMENT)

The possibilities are limitless with powdered peanut butter… but should they be?  GMMore #1407

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54 Responses

  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Link is the King of peanuts! Long live the King!

  2. EJ Banfield says:

    Oh man this is GENIUS!! Well done to whomever came up with this!

  3. Kesha Valdes says:

    I have mixed the PB2 with coconut water, and it was delicious. You should also try mixing it with apple juice.

  4. Mackenzie Greager says:

    Rhett: “this is the most fun I had all week”
    Link: ”well you have had a rough week”
    Link exposing Rhett like that 😂😂😂

    • Commodore4eva says:

      Well, I think you can take that and take what he said at the very end of the episode before Link spun the wheel. I think him and his wife probably have been arguing a lot or like he said “enjoy the happiness while it lasts.” As in you got to enjoy those moments while they happen because you don’t know what’s gonna happen the next day or the next.

    • Sebi Teileche says:

      what is wrong with you

    • Marsupial Mason says:


    • Andrea Reynolds says:

      Commodore4eva hahahah this is why they talk less and less about their families. People like you come up with these conspiracy theories. Rhett made a JOKE at the end of GMM. And Link make a JOKE here. It’s a simple as that. Not everything needs to be dissected. Quit looking for trouble.

    • too many banks says:

      Rhett says “enjoy it while it lasts” as a joke to some of the wheel of mythicality clips with couples. Stop reading so much into everything

  5. White Guy says:

    6:15 Rhett gains insight into the truth of the world

  6. Jessica Ross says:

    The lord of the nuts and his court mixer has me got hankering some powdered peanut butter blends.

  7. Holly Shively says:

    You should have tried chocolate milk!

  8. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    You all mixing peanut butter with liquid and nobody though mixing it with hot cocoa

    • Binka O says:

      That would have been great. Also would have been interesting to see coffee and maybe apple juice or something. They definitely should have used coconut milk rather than water. They could mix it with other nut milks too. Peanut, hazelnut and chocolate make up one of my favorite ice cream flavors so that would have been interesting to see too.. like maybe mixed with hot cocoa that was mixed with hazelnut milk! Yum

    • Aaron Petersen says:

      What’s likid? You mean liquid? Lol

    • Manuel Rodriguez says:

      +Aaron Petersen didn’t noticed it, Thank’s

    • Amber yeeto says:

      Chocolate milk would also be dope

    • Manuel Rodriguez says:

      +Binka O OMG coffee is a great idea I would try it at home

  9. Denis Petras says:

    “It’s like you saw a coconut while eating peanut butter.”

    LOL. Okay, that got me.

  10. SixRaven Eight says:

    Link with bangs again, drinking a stout, and it’s not even my birthday.

  11. I_just_want_ meaning_• X/ says:

    It’s like you saw a Coconut while eating peanut butter

  12. Tyler Pasop says:

    The euphoric look on Rhett’s face when he discovers a new combination of foods>>

  13. Christine Ceriani says:

    Powdered peanut butter, and chocolate milk…

  14. Francis P says:

    Everyone’s talking about link becoming the king of the nuts, but we should be talking about them BANGS

  15. Louisa Lewis says:

    Just give Link an royal robe to go along with his crown and scepter and he’ll be all set for Halloween as the peanut butter king

  16. Jenny VanderPas says:

    You could market the sour (pickle) peanut butter to pregnant woman!

  17. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Stevie: i really like what you’ve done with the cap there.
    Link: yeah i wanted to show some bangs!
    Stevie: not that cap…
    Link: 😐

  18. balamb25 says:

    I think one of my favorite GMM moments is when Rhett tastes a concoction that’s actually good and gets his “GUYS WE DID A THING!” eyes. 😆

  19. Diego Lippi says:

    “It’s like you saw a coconut while eating peanut butter”
    – if la Croix made flavored peanut butter

  20. Erndaworm says:

    Almond Milk would have been a good one to try

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