WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story – teaser trailer

WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story – teaser trailer

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  1. TheRealSullyG says:

    It makes sense that this is only streaming, as it would be unfair to every other movie that would be in theaters at the time of release. Gotta give them a fighting chance!

  2. Ryan Carballo says:

    People find Daniel to be a surreal and strange pick Al made to play as himself but I think I totally get the gag; this is clearly meant to be also a parody of biopics like how they always get top tier celebs to play as these historical figures even if they range from accurate to exaggerations. Casting Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al Yankovic is part of the gag and this is why Al is such a genius in comedy I’m excited for this 😊 but seriously to those in doubt: try to think of this in Al’s mind

  3. abnormica says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I can already tell that this is the finest movie to ever be made, and will quite probably be the catalyst to world peace and the end of male pattern baldness.

  4. Cal Calcutta says:

    The only “parody” recording artist to have had a more long-lasting career than most of the artists he parodied!

    • C x says:

      @Alicia Christian about 50 percent of his material are original songs. He’s mostly a 50/50 split between song parodies and style parodies, where he (and the band I suppose) write an entirely new song in the style of a particular artist

    • DigitalNoodle says:

      @Travis Head His albums contain a lot of his own original songs.

    • Travis Head says:

      @Alicia Christian Have you…Have you heard his music? Sure he is spinning someone else’s work be he is literally re-writing every line with original material.

    • Alicia Christian says:

      when you don’t have to create your own material……. but honestly he makes certain to cite who’s stuff he uses and asks before hand. WA is awesome.

    • Mr. Variant says:

      Yep Simpsons did well too lol Hallmark of success is weird Al parody

  5. Limpurtikles says:

    Having Daniel Radcliffe as Wierd Al is a stroke of genious!

    The only way to make it better would be to have Al playing himself, including any flashbacks to his youth (I’m imagining a fully adult Al Yankovich but in a too small t-shirt and pants that only goes to his knees, going “Wow, I can’t wait for first day of school! I’m sure third grade’s gonna be awesome!”)

    • Sinister Thoughts says:

      @Ascii Shallreceive we can only hope.

    • Sinister Thoughts says:

      I was kinda hoping that’s how they were gonna do it… but I’m still happy with this.

    • TheLegend1800 says:

      Better yet: Have Daniel Radcliffe make a cameo in the movie, played by Weird Al.

    • VinTheFox says:

      @Ascii Shallreceive And near the end of the movie they meet and Al (Radcliffe) asks Radcliffe (Al) to star as him in a movie about himself and there’s a movie in the movie with Weird Al as Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al

    • Ascii Shallreceive says:

      Or to have Radcliff as Al in a movie theater watching Harry Potter with weird Al as Potter.

  6. The Foil Line says:

    I can’t wait for it. It’s about time the legend himself had his biopic. Me and my 893 kids are so excited to watch this movie 6 times daily. There is a 0% chance of a movie like this to be anything less than amazing and we are blessed to have this movie available to us in this age.

    • Cirrus Tate says:

      I’m looking forward to watching this movie for the 27th time. I’ll have to wait until I’ve watched it 26 times for that, though.

    • Lexer William says:

      I’m going to be watching it 7 times daily most likely

    • Mercedes Benzos says:

      Wow, @The Foil Line ! You’ve been busy!

    • edvaira6891 says:

      Man, are WE living the SAME LIFE! Been a “Close Personal Friend of Al” ever since the early ‘80’s (and have a signed fan club letter, as that’s what his 80’s-era fan club was called, to attest to that!)

    • Doggy the Anarchist says:

      Same. Wow!
      Actually 100% same. That’s kinda wild, how your life is exactly like mine.

  7. Jerri Blank says:

    i cant wait for this completely true non parody super serious film about AL’s turbulent rise to the top and his complete self destruction to the gutter, its going to be such a good film!

    • Jerri Blank says:

      @AxxL only if you let me show you the liberty bell! *ding a ling*

    • AxxL says:

      Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you’re acting like you’re somebody else. Gets me frustrated. Just admit that you love the videos I make, my dear jerri

  8. Dottie Gillespie says:

    Saw Al a few years ago and back in the 90s what a showman. He costumed up for every song! No one is as great in concert!

    • Dottie Gillespie says:

      Oh my gosh, yes!!!!! Hahahaha thanks for reminding me. He was awesome!!! Saw him in Jersey

    • benkenobisgirl says:

      I saw him in the early 90s, too! When he was changing in your concert, did he yell out “drum solo!” only for the drummer to hit once?? 🤣

    • MrAdrian the Grey says:

      True story. And even when hes doing a show at a fair he puts on A game. I saw him in a big venue and 3 times at fairs. There was a reason I went to those fairs! I’ve also seen Alice Cooper and Kiss, I think it’s totally reasonable to mention the three in the same breathe, that’s how good Al is.

    • ryanbacon00 says:

      I agree! I got to see him at the OC Fair when I was a kid and I remember him coming out in the fat suit for Fat and it was awesome

  9. MoreToKnowShow says:

    I love a proper quirky, weird comedy. Glad to see Al is getting his big screen due…again.

  10. lar says:

    Radcliffe is turning out to be one of my favourite actors ever. He’s not a Leo Dicaprio/Scorsese kinda actor with high-praised films by the critics, but I love he just does whatever comes his way, no matter how different the part or the genre might be.
    By far one of the most random and varied filmographies.

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